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Guest informatica Cebado

Plugins A A La Pelle

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Guest informatica Cebado

Juste pour le fun, c'est passe sur la spanish liste...

Web pleine de plugins pour FM....




PLUG-INS & Utilities

This symbol means that the Plug-in is Version ready (others being tested).

Created by:




- Faustino Forcen

aliasManager allows users to store alias to their favourite files in

standard container fields. They simply need to pass the icon on the

container field back to the aliasManager functions to open the original

file, get its complete path or simply reveal it in the Finder.


- Faustino Forcen

Utilix GetNIF - check spanish id document; Check VISA - Get validity of this

Credit Card numbers; SetColor & SelectColor -Change color of selected text.

Spanish version available FREE!


- Faustino Forcen

diStyler to export styled records in both HTML and QuarkXpress Tags.


- Faustino Forcen

iMago is a set of FileMaker Pro External Functions that allows users to

create and manipulate thumbnail for image files directly from inside

FileMaker Pro.


- Faustino Forcen

Heni (ScanFolder) designed to automate the handling of files. Using Heni you

can scan the content of any given folder and process each and any file in

this folder and its children.


- Faustino Forcen

etiqueta easily and quickly print postal labels both from inside FileMaker

or using the same application. Born years ago as a desk accesory has evolved

into a AppleScript- driven utility that will solve the permanent problem of

printing a single label while been able of manage a full mailing.


- Faustino Forcen

myTWAIN free Windows plugin to scan using your TWAIN compatible device.


- Faustino Forcen

kami allow developers to bypass the Chooser mechanism to select a printer on

the Macintosh.


- Faustino Forcen

Styler allows developers and users to modify programatically text styles

(size, face, font or color) of FileMaker Pro fields.

Acme Technologies

- Wayne K. Walrath

MondoMail Plug-in Email-enable FileMaker 4.0 Databases!! MondoMail, the most

popular Email engine for the Macintosh has become a plugin for FileMaker Pro

4.0 or later. Plus, download Web data directly to FileMaker Pro 4.0

databases. MondoMail plugin for FileMaker adds http capabilities.

Adam Severin

- Adam Severin

MoveWindow enables you to control a database window's size or position on

the screen.


- Ben Marchbanks

Web GraphiQs for FileMaker Pro Create Web page bar, line, and area graphs

directly from data in your FileMaker Pro solution.


- Dick Williams

Schedule-it enables specific FileMaker Pro 4 scripts to be executed at a

specific time or to be triggered when a condition specified in a calculation

occurs. Up to 99 scripts in different databases can be scheduled. Scripts

can be scheduled to execute once only, repeat daily, run at a specified

time, run after a period of time has elapsed, or be triggered from a

calculation. A "Controller" database for configuring schedules is included

with the plug-in.

Spanish version. CAREWARE


- Dick Williams

Amsys Widget The Amsys Widget plug-in for FileMaker Pro 4 gives FileMaker

eight new functions. These are Widgt-Find_Replace, Widgt-Char_Ascii, Widgt-

Ascii_Char, Widgt-Y2K, Widgt-Set_File, Widgt-Set_Path, Widgt-Write_File and


Spanish version. CAREWARE

APJ & Company

- Paul Jansen

FMTools an add-on utility for Windows version of Filemaker 3.x or 4.x.

Includes: FMBackup, FMPrinter, FMWinSize, FMNetwork, FMFiles, FMDialogs,


Chris Moyer Consulting

- Chris Moyer Consulting

K-12 Plugin extends FileMaker calculation abilities by adding common

geometric formulas.

Comm-Unity Networking Systems (CNS)

- Jesse Traynham

SMTPit will allow you to send email directly from FileMaker Pro, no need for

external email applications. Includes ability to send attachments. Also

demos of how to use SMTPit with WebCompanion to incorporate email into web


Comm-Unity Networking Systems (CNS)

- Jesse Traynham

POP3it will allow you to download email directly into a FileMaker Pro

database. With POP3it, there is no need for any external helper application.

A Macintosh version will follow soon.

- Dynamically check multiple pop3 email accounts, even on different servers.

- Automatically extract major email fields such as To, From, Subject, etc.

- Receive Attachments, which are placed in a directory that you can specify


- Download entire messages into one field or parsed into their respective


Comm-Unity Networking Systems (CNS)

- Jesse Traynham

SAVEit saves information from your FMPro database directly into a text file.

More features than using Export[], you can rename files, append to a file or

overwrite it. You can also create directories (folders). Windows only.

Comm-Unity Networking Systems (CNS)

- Jesse Traynham

FTPit allows you to save file to an ftp site directly from FileMaker Pro

database. Not currently available.

Comm-Unity Networking Systems (CNS)

- Jesse Traynham

SPEAKit allows you to use Microsoft MS Agent tet to speech technology.

Inquire if you are interested in this.

Dacons International

- Dacons

mail.it lets you send, receive and manage e-mail (including attachments)

with your existing FM databases.

Dacons International

- Dacons

kick.it removes any of FileMaker's or FileMaker Runtime's menus with a

single external function! Just use it within a start-script and ensure that

your solution is used the way you expect it.

Dacons International

- Dacons

launch.it enables you to open and store a file name and its path in a

FileMaker Pro field using a simple FileOpen dialog. The file and its parent

application can be launched from with FileMaker Pro.

Dacons International

- Dacons

MenuControl enables you to create your own real menus in FileMaker Pro using

any scripts as menu items and switch off the standard FileMaker menu!

Datamail Corporation

- Datamail Corporation

DbMailer Email from your database. pop/smtp and IMAP4 extension for

FileMakerPro This plug-in will enable you to send and receive e-mail from

within any FileMakerPro application. Use DbMailer script guide to access

extended e-mail control scripts included in this downloadable extension.



POPCAL Pop Calendar helps you to solve the date typing problem, and avoid

user errors when they need to type dates or date ranges to perform finds,

generate reports, etc.

Pop Calendar is fully customizable, and you can select:

* The month language: English, French, German and Spanish;

* The date format: US (mm/dd/yyyy) or European (dd/mm/ yyyy);

* The size of the calendar;

* The position it will appear on screen

* The first day of the week you use(sunday or monday).

* The window title.


- Craig Saunders

FaxLink acts as a bridge to WinFax (Windows) or FaxSTF (Mac), allowing you

to script the addressing and sending of faxes. Your FileMaker script simply

prints a layout which goes to the fax without any further input from the


Doug McLean

- Doug McLean

PDF417 Encoder provides the ability to print PDF417 bar codes from any

FileMaker database. PDF417 stands for "Portable Data File 4-17", a

public-domain two-dimensional bar code symbology developed by Symbol

Technologies. A single PDF417 bar code can carry 1100-2000 characters of

machine-readable data in a space no larger than a standard bar code.


- e4Marketing

Advanced Functions adds new calculation functions not found in FileMaker,

Bitwise operations, Extended Trigonometry, Hyperbolic Trigonometry, Base

Conversion, Permutation, Decimal to Fraction and Fraction to Decimal,

Rounding (Floor, Ceiling, Even, Odd, Nearest), Financial (Effective Rate,

Interest Rate, Term), Miscellaneous.


- e4Marketing

Script Execution will execute either by leaving a field with a tab or mouse

movement. This allows for the execution of one or many chained scripts and

gives the developer the ability to insure necessary steps are followed

without relying on the user to activate a button.


- e4Marketing

DataStruct can be used as a stack a queue or a dequeue. Possibilities for

structures are unlimited, however, the most common applications would be to

create Browser like forward and back buttons or to queue records for later



- e4Marketing

TextOut opens a Notepad window and provides the ability to add text to that

window. This can be used to debug scripts or calculation, to log information

for later use, or to extract dynamic information during the running of your

FileMaker session.


- e4Marketing

FaxConnect Enables faxing from FileMaker through WinFax 9.0 or later


- e4Marketing

GetHTTP Retrieve web pages into a text field using HTTP protocol.


- e4Marketing

PlaySound Play wave file sounds with wait, nowait, loop, stop.


- e4Marketing

RegistryInterface Manipulate the Windows Registry, per user, per machine.


- e4Marketing

TransglobalVariables Named variables accessible from anywhere in FileMaker


- fileshopping.com

FileFax Pro/3 send each recipient a personalised fax; tore faxnumbers just

once in FileMaker; specify name, company name, fax number, subject, cover

sheet (optional); automatically switches to Fax print driver; just print a

layout, then call the plugin again to set the printer back to its normal

settings; create a list of numbers and send one fax to them all


- Stewart Macdonald

FileMaker Pro Sherlock Plug In Generator lets you easily create Sherlock

Plug Ins that will search your Web- enabled FileMaker Pro databases.

Full (Function) Software

- Nic Thomson

MouseGrabber brings HTML-style Image Map functionality to FileMaker Pro,

returns screen co-ordinates or object clicked. Allows user to click on any

area of the screen (including fields and buttons) for Help, click on

calendars, seating arrangements, etc. to indicate choices. And many other


Genecom, inc.

- Tsuruhaimu-Kagurazaka

GeneCommand ODBC Plug-in You can connect to ODBC server, such as Oracle and

Sybase, from FileMaker script

using the "GeneCommand ODBC Plug-in". You can also import/export data

to/from ODBC Server easily.

GenoaSoftware.com LLC

- GenoaSoftware.com

FreeTAB your keypad ENTER key becomes another TAB key. Repetitive numeric

entries into fields can be done single handed. A future version of this

plugin with more features, DoTAB, will let you define more keys as TAB keys

and give more control over them. FreeTAB is FREE!

GenoaSoftware.com LLC

- GenoaSoftware.com LLC

DoHTTP DoHTTP lets you retrieve web pages using the HTTP protocol, the most

commonly used protocol on the Internet. DoHTTP also lets you virtualy fill

in forms and send the form information to a page that expects to process

that kind of information. Using a POST or a GET with a query string, you can

build up a form's worth of information one field at a time.

Using information from your FilMaker records and files, you can fill in

forms and have it procesed by a CGI program or an ASP page or a JSP script.

A level of interactivity with the Web that you haven't had with FileMaker

until now.

HAPPY Software, Inc

- HAPPY Software, Inc

FileBooks Link allows 2-way communication between FileMaker Pro and

QuickBooks 2002. FileBooks Link gives FileMaker users a whole new ability to

build comprehensive business solutions that leverage the power of

QuickBooks, the best-selling small business accounting package. FileMaker

versions 4.0 - 5.5 are supported; QuickBooks Pro 2002 (Windows, U.S.) is

required; free trial download.

Jazz Media

- John Cook

Jazz Utils This plugin contains FileMaker script debugging tools, clipboard

functions, HTML formatting (tagging) routines, functions to obtain the mouse

location (x, y), cross- platform character conversion and ascii routines. It

is predominantly a Macintosh plug-in, with only some of the functions

translated for the Windows platform.

JCS Developpement

- Sylvie Roux

CreditCard Plug-in verifies that the number given is an authentic credit

card numbers. If the number is valid, CreditCard returns the type of card.

It radically removes problems with wrong numbers prior to sale.

JCS Developpement

- Sylvie Roux

SoundEx Plug-in SoundEx converts a word, a sentence into a phonetic

equivalent. Soundex makes fun of spelling. You're a daily using fileMaker

Pro files and you're tense when a search results in... nothing.

[soundEx is used by the Census and Genealogists to find similar name


JCS Developpement

- Sylvie Roux

TextConvert Plug-in TextConvert converts text into different formats :

Mac <-> Windows, HTML <-> Mac, EBCDIC <-> Mac, ...

Knowledge Software Consulting

- Paul B. Beeken

KS Calculator a simple LR parser for an algebraic calculator like the UNIX

calc function.

Knowledge Software Consulting

- Paul B. Beeken

KS Filemanager facilitate file read/writing for Macintosh

Max Ribuoli's Software

- Max Ribuoli

TCP Extra FileMaker plugin to solve DNS, reverse DNS and download HTTP web


Max Ribuoli's Software

- Max Ribuoli

InputDialog allows user to input text, number and password using movable


Max Ribuoli's Software

- Max Ribuoli

Mail Agent allows user to send and receive email created with database

fields with no needs of any external application.

Max Ribuoli's Software

- Max Ribuoli

EncodeText Plugin Now you can encode your text from Max format into

ISOLatin, Unicode or US-ASCII and more.

And also you can create fixed size fields for fast export. Requires Text

Encoding Manager.

Max Ribuoli's Software

- Max Ribuoli

GetPath Choose any file or folder inside your hard disk and make it a full

text path into a FileMaker field. Supports Navigation Services.

Murray Cumming

- Murray Cumming

Abstractions Plug-in Simplify calculations. RemoveMultipleReturns,

KeyTriggeredBy, SubStringByDelim, more to be added. NOW x-plat! FREEWARE

Murray Cumming

- Murray Cumming

Writing FileMaker Plug-ins

New Millennium Communications

- New Millennium Communications

SecureFM gives developers complete control over FileMaker menus, providing

high-level file security for FileMaker Pro databases. Any and all FileMaker

Pro menus and menu items -- including such commands as Delete Record, New

Record, and Replace -- can be disabled either at startup or on-the-fly,

along with their command key equivalents. Disabled functions can continue to

be executed by script. Toolbars can be removed!

New Millennium Communications

- New Millennium Communications

DialogMagic allows developers to script data entry and automate button

selection(s) within FileMaker dialogs that before now required the manual

interaction of a user: automate imports and upgrades, update passwords in

multi- file solutions with a single button, create your own custom login

solution, reset serial #s, dynamically export data.

New Millennium Communications

- New Millennium Communications

ExportFM enables you to export container and text fields from a FileMaker

database as files in their native file format. Create a web site entirely in

HTML, but generated dynamically from a FileMaker Pro database - updated at

the click of a button. Save FileMaker reports as a JPEG file which can be

attached to an email message or posted on a web server.

New Wave Software, Inc.

- New Wave Software, Inc.

NWS-SoftKey allows developers to protect their Macintosh and Windows

solutions from piracy and limits their network access. Plug-in is now a

"software only" protection solution.

NRG Software

- Andy Knasinski

NRGCardCheck adds three external functions to FileMaker Pro v4.x. When

provided with a credit card number, it can tell you if it's valid and what

type of card it is. When given a card expiration date, it can tell you if

it's expired.

PowerSolutions, S.R.L.

- Alessandro Maio

Inside Scan will allow you to acquire from a scanner that is compatible with

TWAIN technology or Photoshop plug-ins. Requirements: QuickTime 3.0 + and if

you are using Mac OS 7.6 or 8.0, you'll need Appearance Manger 1.0.1 or

greater. You'll find great documentation in .pdf and Version in English,

Italian and German.


- Scott Zeigen, M.D.

MacDialog Up to four fields per dialog; Up to four buttons per dialog;

Variable dialog size; One field per dialog can be a bulleted field (as in

password); Data from each field is stored in an internal memory variable

that can be used in any calculation in any database on the same machine. NO

need to parse data out of a large field using Left, Middle or Right text

functions!; memory variable that stores which button was clicked; up to 250

characters, larger amounts can be shown by combining fields in calculation.;

Pop up value lists based on manually entered data OR based on the index of a

field (great for password dialog!).


- Scott Zeigen, M.D.

WinDialog Up to four fields per dialog; Up to four buttons per dialog;

Variable dialog size; One field per dialog can be a bulleted field (as in

password); Data from each field is stored in an internal memory variable

that can be used in any calculation in any database on the same machine. NO

need to parse data out of a large field using Left, Middle or Right text

functions!; memory variable that stores which button was clicked; up to 250

characters, larger amounts can be shown by combining fields in calculation.;

Pop up value lists based on manually entered data OR based on the index of a

field (great for password dialog!).


- Scott Zeigen, M.D.

CompressFM a file compression/expansion (.zip) plugin for FileMaker Pro

Productive Computing, Inc.

- Marc Larochelle

Calendar Pop Up Plug In Built in month view calendar navigator. Allows you

to quickly navigate through months and years automatically entering the

selected date within a field. Click on a field to trigger the mini calendar,

select a date and have that date enter into a field. You can also define the

coordinates of where the popup calendar is positioned on the screen.

Productive Computing, Inc.

- Marc Larochelle

Dialog Box Plug In allows you to create custom message boxes based on live

data within your database. The dialog box will automatically size itself

depending on how large the message is your are displaying. You can display

anything from a simple message to a complex list of data. The user choices

are Abort/Retry/Ignore; OK; OK/Cancel; Retry/ Cancel; Yes/No; Yes/No/Cancel.

The icon choices are Exclamation, Information, Question, and Stop. Also

allows you to prompt the user and then allow the user to enter text or

numeric data directly into the message box.

Productive Computing, Inc.

- Marc Larochelle

Change Printer Plug-In Allows you to automatically change printer drivers

within your scripts. Can be used to coordinate large and complex print

procedures and switch various types of printers/drivers such as: inkjet,

laser, label, PDF and WinFax. The plug-in will also return the FileMaker Pro

default printer for future reference. In addition, this plug- in goes one

step further by allowing you to send ASCII text directly to a printer

through the parallel port which is necessary when dealing with other types

of printing devices such as ticketing machines.

Productive Computing, Inc.

- Marc Larochelle

Play Wav / MIDI Plug-In allows you to create custom message boxes based on

live data within your database. The dialog box will automatically size

itself depending on how large the message is your are displaying. You can

display anything from a simple message to a complex list of data. The user

choices are Abort/Retry/Ignore; OK; OK/Cancel; Retry/Cancel; Yes/No;

Yes/No/Cancel. The icon choices are Exclamation, Information, Question, and

Stop. Also allows you to prompt the user and then allow the user to enter

text or numeric data directly into the message box.

Professional Data Management

- Branko Rumora

JDBC SQL plugin The new version of the SQL plugin uses JDBC drivers instead

of ODBC drivers and does not require any other ODBC software. See website

for details.

Professional Data Management

- Professional Data Management

Toolbox plugin users can trigger scripts using Windows versions of Filemaker


Professional Data Management and Rumora A&A

- Development Team

ODBC/SQL Plugin enables Filemaker Pro to retrieve, update and insert data

into ODBC datasources. With this plugin, Filemaker Pro can also be used as a

user interface to large SQL-based databases including Oracle, Sybase,

Informix and Microsoft SQL Server. It is also possible to connect existing

Filemaker Pro databases to SQL databases. All SQL-92 commands are available

from within FileMaker Pro. The plugin is easy to configure by using the ODBC

Control Panel.


- David McKee

Display Toolbox Allows a developer to have her/his solution independently

hide/show the menu bar and Desktop background. Much like Kiosk Mode, but in

regular versions of FMP 4.0 and later. Version 1.1v1 will also allow you to

hide/show mouse cursor, "Dialog" a window, REALLY hide a window,

relocate/resize windows and MUCH MORE!! FREEWARE


- David McKee

Field Inspector Allows a developer to have her/his solution check for

possible data corruption in its earliest stages. And even optionally clean

the field data! Good companion to Character Sieve FREEWARE


- David McKee

File Toolbox Allows a developer to alter the format/ contents of a text file

exported from FileMaker Pro. Like putting hard returns back into fields or

deleting unwanted characters. Also allows you to create Windows compatible

exported textfiles from FileMaker Pro for Macintosh. Version 2.0 contains

over TWENTY file-based functions, like rename, delete, move, copy, edit,

read, add... FREEWARE.


- David McKee

Ranges Toolbox This plug-in is part of one of my FMP solutions, it allows a

developer to generate multi-line keys from a start value to an end value.

Useful for portal filtering records by date, time or numerical range. Great

for time/date based task managers!! FREEWARE


- David McKee

Crypto Toolbox Allows a developer to have her/his solution encrypt data (on

either a windows or macos machine) using the RC4 or RC5 compatible

algorithms. It also can obtain the VSN (volume serial number) of the C drive

on Windows, or the MAC (ethernet) address on Macintosh (will return creation

data+time when NIC is missing) so your solution can be keyed to a particular

machine!!! FREEWARE


- David McKee

Music Toolbox This plug-in plays MOD,S3M and other Midi-like formats,

asynchronously! This means your solution can contain BACKGROUND MUSIC and

not rely on sounds embedded within FMP Container fields (which are not

asynchronous)! MODs are superior to midi and are just as common.FREEWARE


- David McKee

Network Toolbox in development, the new Network Toolbox plugin will provide

extended features to networked solutions.


- A.Siprashvili, Z.Tsereteli

Field Stuff External functions of Field Stuff deal with FileMaker database

fields: one can automatically create, delete, rename and duplicate thousands

of fields by means of Field Stuff and often with a single script step.

Experienced users can organize loops to perform complicated tasks using

external functions of Field Stuff.


- Hasekou Yokohama

Rolan BarCode Include character code converter Plug-In and Barcode TT Font.

Available code type : EAN, Code39, ITF, NW7, UPC


- Hasekou Yokohama

Rolan YuBar Include2 externals and Barcode TT Font. Extract address code

from Japanese address string. Generate M.P.T. Barcode, concatnating postal

code and address code.

Rumora Automatisering en Advies

- Branko Rumora

SerialPlugin Allows users to control, configure, send, receive data from

modem and printer ports. Filemaker Pro can "communicate" with external

serial devices such as modems, printers, card readers etc. Both ports can be

used at the same time. The plugins can trigger Filemaker Pro scripts when

any or specific data arrives in the input buffers.

Rumora Automatisering en Advies

- Branko Rumora

ExitRecord will exit the record after specified period of time if there is

no user activity. The plugin also has possibility to exit the record each

time the Filemaker Pro application goes in background. Developers can

disable plugin action during long script executions to prevent "not wanted"

exit record. The plugin can be enabled/disabled with function calls.

StepUp Software

- Jeff Benjamin

removeMenu removeMenu Plugin is a FileMaker Pro extension for Macintosh

which removes and restores menus in FileMaker's menu bar.

StepUp Software

- Jeff Benjamin

doscript The doScript Plugin is a FileMaker Pro 4.0 extension for Macintosh

which activates a script when a user tabs out of a field.V 2.0 adds the

ability to activate a script when a key combination is pressed. F1 thru F4

as well as option-key combinations are supported. Developers are able to

define which script executes for which key, dynamically. The script

"attached" to a key can therefore change during a user's session based on

security, work progress, foreground database, etc.

StepUp Software

- Jeff Benjamin

modifyWindow customize some of the look and feel of a database window by

removing the close box from any FileMaker window as well as renaming the

window. Added for 5 is the ability to hide/show toolbars

StepUp Software

- Jeff Benjamin

Pal-it! developer tool providing navigational floating palette windows for

your custom FileMaker Pro solution.

Teamsoft Inc.

- Teamsoft Inc

Workgroup Scheduler Get all the benefits of TeamAgenda, a realtime,

cross-platform features rich application that helps individuals, small

businesses and larger workgroups coordinate their projects and optimize

their time management. The FileMaker Pro Plug-in allows you to synchronize

TeamAgenda Address Book with your FileMaker Pro database. Track meetings in

FileMaker Pro in seconds!

Teamsoft Inc.

- Teamsoft Inc

TeamAgenda Plug-in lets you link any FileMaker Pro database to TeamAgenda's

sophisticated calendaring and group-scheduling capabilities.

Theta Co.,Ltd.

- Theta Co.,Ltd.

Theta Barcode Vivid The Theta Barcode Vivid (TBVivid) Plug-in adds Barcode

functions to FileMaker Pro. Available code type: JAN, EAN, JAN Short, EAN


CODE93, 2of5, etc...


- Malo de Lastelle

4Fax allow a direct access to a 4Sight Fax server. No more export or

printing dialog, all you need is available inside FileMaker. It's Mac only

since 4Sight fax are Mac only but we plan to develop more fax plugins ...

Troi Automatisering

- Peter Baanen

Troi File Plug-in adds powerful File Manipulation functions to FMP4: * save

the field contents to a file * read from a file into a field * create and

delete files* creating folders * rename, copy or move files * and more...

Troi Automatisering

- Peter Baanen

Troi Text Plug-in This plug-in already added the dynamic SumText, ANDText

and XORText functions. This is the enhanced functionality: - UniqueLines

function: get all the lines that are the same in a text field. - UniqueWords

function: returns all the unique words of a text field. - SortLines

function: sorts the lines in a text fielded alphabetically. - GetLine

function: gets one line of a text field, by specifying a line number.

Troi Automatisering

- Peter Baanen

Troi Coding Plug-in has built-in register function. Adds checksums and text

signatures and conversion to and from binary. Field encryption using DES is

still possible!

Troi Automatisering

- Peter Baanen

Troi Dialog Plug-in adds powerful Dialog functions to FileMaker Pro 4: *

show dialogs with variable text and up to 4 buttons * show temporary flash

screens * show a progress bar for lengthy operations * let a user input text

through a dialog * and more... New version includes: - Set input text: All

the input dialogs now can be set with a pre-entered text value. - Added User

name and Password dialog: enables a user to type in a name and a password. -

Added support for international characters.

Troi Automatisering

- Peter Baanen

Troi Number Plug-in adds the Balance function to to FileMaker Pro 4.0. With

this you can create a dynamic number field, that shows the running balance

of a number of records from a field in a related file. Every time records

get added to the related file the balance is automatically updated.

Troi Automatisering

- Peter Baanen

Troi Graphic Plug-in RGB Colors: With this function you can fill container

fields in any RGB (red, green, blue combination) color you want.

Screen Capture: Capture the state of the screen into a container field: You

can capture the complete screen or specify which part of the screen you

want. This is great for customer support.

Make Thumbnails: If you have large images already in a FileMaker database

there is no easy way to make small preview images. But with the Graphic

plug-in you now can create small thumbnails, all within FileMaker! Ideal for

speedy images in Web Publishing.

Troi Automatisering

- Peter Baanen

Troi Grabber Plug-in gives FileMaker Pro the ability to grab a picture from

a video input and to put it into a container field. It works with any video

input source that is compatible with QuickTime 2.5 or higher.

Troi Automatisering

- Peter Baanen

Troi Serial Plug-in Read and write to all serial ports of your computer. Key

features of the Serial Plug-in are: Support for high speed connections up to

230 kbps, Unlimited number of serial ports can be opened, Buffering of data

up to 64k per port, Dispatch Scripting TM can trigger a script for data

entry into database, Clear sample databases and a user manual to get started

quickly. Suggested uses of this plug-in are connecting to a modem, custom

switchboard dialing, caller ID, credit card swiping and data transfer.

Troi Automatisering

- Peter Baanen

ClipSave Plug-in can save and restore the clipboard in 2 simple steps.

ClipSave is mainly intended for developers of FileMaker databases wanting to

use ScriptMaker steps that change the clipboard, like for example the "Copy

All Records step". ClipSave makes it possible to use those steps without the

end user knowing the clipboard was temporarily changed.

Troi Automatisering

- Peter Baanen

Troi Activator trigger scripts remotely, even another computer or over the

internet. Built-in security.

Troi Automatisering

- Peter Baanen

Troi OSErrrs a FileMaker Pro database which lists Operating System error

codes for both Mac OS and Windows. The database is provided free of charge.

There also is a link to

an online version of the database.

Troi Automatisering

- Peter Baanen

FAQ We've compiled a FAQ (Frequently asked questions list) with answers to

general plug-in questions and Troi plug- ins questions.

Troi Automatisering

- Peter Baanen

Sesame Plug-in automatically dismisses any dialog that can block the

standalone operation of FileMaker Pro 5 and FileMaker Unlimited 5. It will

get rid of any dialog that can appear when a FileMaker database file is


Two 4 You

- HOnza Koudelka

24U Transcoding Plug-In allows your databases to "transcode" text in several

ways. With the main "Transcode" function, you can translate any text from

one character encoding into another based on your own encoding table.

Another four functions will let you convert text and numbers to hexadecimal

codes and vice versa. SHAREWARE

Two 4 You

- HOnza Koudelka

24U PlaySound Plug-In allows your FileMaker Pro databases to play your own

custom sounds on Windows and Macintosh computers. The sound formats

currently supported are Windwos WAV files (on both platforms) and Macintosh

system sounds (on Macintosh only). SHAREWARE

Waves in Motion

- Vince Menanno

oAzium Date and Time can now define your date and time formats to conform to

the American default or any international standard. It allows you to measure

the period between two events, define complex chronological relationships,

event lists, and more with simple one-line calculations. Year-2000

compliant, it allows time stamps and calculations with a precision down to

the millisecond.

Waves in Motion

- Vince Menanno

oAzium Variables allows you to create and manipulate global variables in

memory, without the need to define any global fields beforehand. You can use

these variables in any script or field calculation or access them instantly

without the need for a relationship. Includes a set of numerical functions

that allow you to perform basic arithmetic operations on the variables

you've defined, and a set of string functions that allow you to define and

concatenate character strings.

Waves in Motion

- Vince Menanno

oAzium Strings provides functions for processing delimited lists, extracting

text from strings, and formatting strings such as phone numbers and social

security numbers.

Waves in Motion

- Vince Menanno

oAzium Charts Cross-platform plug-in adds graphs and charts to FileMaker

projects. The beta version of the plug-in expires after 1 hours of use.

Waves in Motion

- Vince Menanno

oAzium CC Authorize credit card authorization built into a simple FileMaker

Pro plug-in that connects directly to the Internet through your existing

Internet connection. With 40- bit RSA data encryption

Waves in Motion

- Vince Menanno

oAzium Events (Script Scheduler) trigger FileMaker scripts on schedules, at

regular intervals or when the user takes certain actions. You can also

flexibly schedule the opening and closing of databases

Waves in Motion

- Vince Menanno

oAzium Portal Filter lets you add a "Filter" field to your layout and have

your portals update on the fly to show rows that match that filter.

Waves in Motion

- Vince Menanno

oAzium Web Magnet

Waves in Motion & Galleon Software

- Vince Menanno

oAzium File Tools adds a comprehensive suite of file- management functions.

Import and Export non-standard formatted files. Auto-create web pages. Save

preference files. Parse lists of data. Open files in their native

applications. Create, Append, or Delete files in entirety -- or line by

line. Move, Rename, Replace, Find, Get Attribute and Save Attributes.

X2max Software

- X2max Software

xmCHART is a very powerful FileMaker Pro plug-in for creating graphs of

numerical data in which all important types of charts such as bar, scatter,

line, layer, highLow and pie charts are supported. xmCHART is fully

compatible with FMP 5.0.

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Guest Olivier Devriese

La même chose en mieux et en français est sur FMSource.com !


Avec :

- les nouveautés

- les compatibilités par OS

- les compatibilités par versions de FMPro (y compris la v6 !)

- la description en français

- la visualisation des plugins par éditeur

- pour chaque plugin les liens vers les communiqués de presse de l'éditeur et vers son site pour en savoir plus

- un moteur de recherche

Qu'est-ce que vous voulez de plus ?... ;-)

...et j'oubliais, en mettant le feed de news sur votre site web, vous avez les infos des sorties de versions en temps réel ! http://www.fmsource.com/feed/

un café et même pas d'addition !


On 12 févr. 04, at 10:35, Informatica Cebado wrote:

> Juste pour le fun, c'est passe sur la spanish liste...

> Web pleine de plugins pour FM....



> http://www.digfm.org/plugs.html

-- Olivier Devriese - La Source multimédia - LPA member


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