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  1. FM Quickstart 19 The latest version of FM Quickstart–DB Services’ free CRM app for FileMaker–is finally here! Our team has listened to feedback from FM Quickstart users, and have added some major new features including: Task List Calendar Sidebar Navigation Additionally, DB Services is excited to announce the launch of our FM Quickstart Implementation Plans! These new plans will help you get set up with your new FileMaker system using FM Quickstart, including user setup, server setup, licensing consultation, and more. You can read more about the Implementation Plans on the FM Quickstart websi
  2. DB Services Ranks on Inc. 5000 for 2020 For the second year in a row, DB Services has ranked on the Inc. 5000 list of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the U.S. For 2020, DB Services ranked #3,992 out of 5,000 on the list. DB Services now joins the ranks of other Inc. 5000 list alumni such as Microsoft, Intuit, Zappos, Oracle, and others. DB Services is also the top ranked Claris FileMaker Platinum Business Alliance Partner on the 2020 Inc. 5000 list and are #50 in the state of Indiana. Growth strategy is at the center of DB Services’ goals. CEO Kevin Hammond says, “We are proud
  3. DB Services Named FileMaker Partner of the Year 2020 On August 5th, 2020, DB Services was named the Claris Excellence Award FileMaker Growth Partner of the Year for the Americas for 2020. This is DB Services 4th consecutive year bringing home the award from Claris International, Inc. The award is presented annually to each region’s Claris partner that achieves the highest revenue and brand growth for Claris. DB Services CEO, Kevin Hammond, reflects on this award: “It is an unprecedented honor to be given the FileMaker Growth Partner of the Year award for 4 years running. Our incredible tea
  4. Surveys for Success: UNITY Performing Arts Foundation In these difficult times, it is more important than ever to give back whenever possible. DB Services continues to support organizations with our Surveys for Success program, and this quarter, our charity partner is UNITY Performing Arts Foundation! The UNITY Performing Arts Foundation and their CEO and founder, Marshall White, have been leaders in transforming the lives of children and young adults in so many ways. UNITY provides after-school performing arts programs for youth in Fort Wayne, IN. UNITY’s goal is “empowering and developing y
  5. DB Services Ranked on IBJ Fast 25 DB Services has been ranked on the Indianapolis Business Journal’s Fast 25 list. This yearly list ranks the 25 fastest growing companies in Indianapolis area based on year over year growth of revenue. DB Services ranked 20th out of 25, with 78% revenue growth from FY 2017 to 2019. DB Services CEO, Kevin Hammond, shared his thoughts on the ranking: “DB Services is proud to be a growing member of the Indianapolis tech community. Since our start in 2003, our goal has been to help bring Indianapolis to the forefront of tech, and to be a fast-growing and innova
  6. Claris Connect and FileMaker Approvals Email has totally transformed the way people work and communicate. The average employee receives over 120 work emails a day, so the easier it is to take action on an email, the better. Claris Connect offers a powerful tool for efficiency in its Approvals Utility, a service that uses email to automate approvals for your team. You can set up approval workflows, automate immediate next steps based on an approval’s response, and view the results of previous approval requests all within Claris Connect itself. Another stand out feature of Claris Connect is how
  7. FileMaker BackBlaze Integration BackBlaze is a large scale cloud storage platform that currently boasts an impressive 1 billion gigabytes of file data hosted on the cloud and counting. With its competitive pricing, BackBlaze makes a strong case for a place where you can store and retrieve large amounts of data at an affordable rate. Integrating your FileMaker application with BackBlaze’s B2 Cloud Storage API can assist moving external files to the cloud, minimizing file size growth and keeping your FileMaker application lightweight.  What You Need In addition to owning a BackBlaze a
  8. Claris Connect QuickBooks Online Integration Intuit’s QuickBooks Online is a powerful tool with over 4 million subscribers that allows for easy management of invoices, payments, and other accounting tasks. Many companies find themselves with both QuickBooks and FileMaker and end up having to do double data entry from one system to the next. Claris Connect is a “no-code” platform from Claris International, Inc. that allows organizations to rapidly connect multiple cloud services together, including FileMaker and QuickBooks Online. See our articles overviewing Claris Connect and integrating File
  9. Claris FileMaker 19 Overview A new and exciting version of FileMaker is here! 2020 marks over 35 years for the Claris FileMaker platform. A lot of innovation has occurred at Claris since the last FileMaker release. FileMaker Cloud, FileMaker Marketplace, and Claris Connect have launched, and Claris Nextgen is in the roadmap. In this article we will focus on the Claris FileMaker flagship product, specifically FileMaker Pro 19, FileMaker Server 19, FileMaker Go 19, and FileMaker Cloud. We discuss some of our favorite new features with articles, videos, and free downloads. With this release, i
  10. FileMaker JavaScript Web Viewer Integration The new FileMaker JavaScript Web Viewer Integration creates seamless communication between FileMaker and web viewers. This integration will allow for more efficient development of web viewers which will extend the functionality of FileMaker systems with features not native to FileMaker. The integration comes with a new script step called “Perform JavaScript In Web Viewer,” and JavaScript function, FileMaker.PerformScript(), both of which we will explore in this article. Performing FileMaker Script from JavaScript The ability to perform FileMaker s
  11. FileMaker Machine Learning Using CoreML Machine learning and artificial intelligence are rushing in the next era of computing by enabling machines to make decisions, rather than humans telling machines which decisions to make. Whether you need to classify objects in an image, parse speech into text, or get recommendations on what products to market next quarter, machine learning can be adopted to assist. Leveraging FileMaker’s machine learning capabilities on MacOS makes integrating artificial intelligence into your business easier than ever. Models 0x101 A predictive machine learning algor
  12. Siri Shortcuts in FileMaker Go As more and more businesses bring apps into their daily workflows, it is important to have fast and easy options for completing tasks while mobile. With FileMaker Go 19, you can execute your favorite FileMaker Go features with a voice command or single tap using Siri Shortcuts! Released with iOS12, Shortcuts introduced the ability to build intuitive and customizable Siri workflows using your favorite apps- with intuitive being the key word: nearly a third of smartphone users now use voice commands once a week (99firms)! Siri Shortcuts take you directly to the Fil
  13. NFC Tag Reading in FileMaker Go Near Field Communication is a technology developed in the early 2000s that allows for contactless communication between devices using radio waves to transfer data. NFC can share information between two active devices, such as two smartphones sharing contact details, or between an active device and a passive device, such as a smartphone reading a NFC tag embedded in a poster. NFC tags are tiny, inexpensive chips that contain a small amount of memory, a radio chip, and an antenna. They can be visible or hidden in almost any object, thus allowing common househol
  14. Creating FileMaker Add-Ons With the release of FileMaker 19, Claris International, Inc. has introduced the ability to create add-ons, allowing developers to package a set of features that can be distributed to other FileMaker solutions. While installing custom add-ons currently must be started outside of FileMaker, add-ons can currently be created in FileMaker Pro using the preview script step Save a Copy as Add-on Package. As with all preview software, this feature is subject to change. Let’s take a look at how to create your own add-on. A Few Things to Note Before Diving In Before we beg
  15. FileMaker Solution Upgrade Tool Upgrading your custom FileMaker application used to require migrating data or manually following a complex set of instructions which would take quite a bit of time to complete. Now FileMaker has released a command line tool that will upgrade your custom application in a matter of minutes. At the moment, the FileMaker Solution Upgrade Tool is considered to be a preview software and is subject to change. In the video below I will walk you through the process of upgrading your FileMaker custom app to the newest version using the new FileMaker Solution Upgrade Comm
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