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  1. herrfriedrich.com, a FileMaker Platinum member is pleased to announce the dotfmp.berlin 2019 - The next Un-Conference for all types of Developers on higher levels. The 7th edition will feature again some of the most brilliant minds in FileMaker development, not only from all over Europe but also from the rest of the world. Since dotfmp is the only fully English-speaking FileMaker event in Europe, this is the chance to meet and share on a unique and personal level. It will be held from 6 - 8 June 2019 at the GLS Campus in one of the most vibrant areas in Berlin, accompanied by the informal and famous get-together in the oldest Beer garden on the afternoon of the 5 June and some more social activities on the 9th. Registration has opened and Tickets are limited. With the main focus on FileMaker development this year will bring some excursions to other areas of development to really get to the "Mobile App"-world. All information and more details can be found at www.dotfmp.berlin and the very latest news are available via twitter: @dotfmp
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  3. Hi there, I dare to speak French, even Google Translator-French here, (I just want to make fun out of my in a funny and not idiotic way ;o). The attendance exceeded my expectations and and met a hell of a lot of nice people (no, I don't mean myself looking in the mirror in the morning) and I couldn't have done the organisation any better (hey, that means a lot ;o). I'm looking forward to continue that way @ the next conference or in Berlin, means: anyone coming to Berlin just bump me and we'll have some fun (or at least try to ;o) Au revoir… et Joyeux noël ) Egbert… et pixi
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