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  1. We finished three days of Tableau Conference 2022 (TC22) in sunny Las Vegas! The in-person and virtual attendees from Beezwax’s Data Analytics & Tableau development teams shared a few more highlights of TC22 sessions, with information, insights and a few key takeaways. Read our Day 1 TC22 session highlights here. Read our Day 2 session […]Afficher la totalité du billet
  2. Hello again from Tableau Conference 2022 (TC22) in sunny Las Vegas! The in-person and virtual attendees from Beezwax’s Data Analytics & Tableau development teams shared more highlights of TC22 sessions, with information, insights and a few key takeaways. You can read about Day 1 session and conference highlights here. By the way, most of these […]Afficher la totalité du billet
  3. Hello from Tableau Conference 2022 (TC22)! Beezwax's Tableau/Analytics team attended in-person and virtually, and here we focus on highlights from the range of TC22 sessions.Afficher la totalité du billet
  4. As developers, creative ideation is critical. With that in mind, here are 5 unique Custom Functions (courtesy of Christopher Edwards, that are potentially !useful for FileMaker developers. We built some of these for very specific, and oddly niche, use cases, such as this blog post. Happy Day!Afficher la totalité du billet
  5. Let’s talk about Claris Connect as the way to orchestrate data-driven workflows involving Eversign digital signatures, Claris FileMaker, Slack and a range of other possible platforms! Fabio Bosisio from Beezwax will walk through details for setting up these types of integrations. Eversign (and FileMaker) integration with Claris Connect Event link: https://www.meetup.com/claris-connect-meetup/events/283713457/Speaker: Fabio Bosisio, Beezwax DatatoolsDate: […]Afficher la totalité du billet
  6. Software changes over time. Your company's web site this year does things you had no idea you needed two years ago. How can we keep the cost of change manageable? Automated testing is one way. Especially for large software projects, the practice of automated testing reduces the cost of adapting software to new business necessities.Afficher la totalité du billet
  7. Category: ZshName: run PHP scriptDescription: Runs a PHP script using text from a FileMaker parameter. The -s option allows us to pass FMP parameters as a shell variable. Prototype: # Push the parameter to stdout, to be picked up as a script by PHP# Also see the Shell example for another way to do this, […]Afficher la totalité du billet
  8. 26 years in, a founding Bee reflects Julian Nadel is president and founder of Beezwax. He’s celebrating the 26th Anniversary of Beezwax with this update to his original Beezwax Blog post. In 2014, a colleague interviewed me about Beezwax; the interview transcript was the orginal basis for the article herein. It was then and still […]Afficher la totalité du billet
  9. Beezwax Recognized for Advocacy Excellence, Sharing Expertise and Passion with Customers and Developers In the Claris Community CUPERTINO, Calif. – Dec. 15, 2021 – Claris International Inc., an Apple company, named Beezwax Datatools Inc. as winner of the Advocacy Excellence Award as part of the Claris Excellence Awards for 2021, which honor Claris Partners and […]Afficher la totalité du billet
  10. This won't be a detailed post on every possible topic on object-oriented programming and testing, there are many books about that already. Instead, this will cover basics of testing, so you understand how and why we test, and you can adapt it to your own needs.Afficher la totalité du billet
  11. Building a custom Tableau® Connector for Claris® FileMaker® enables faster, more reliable and more flexible connections between Tableau and FileMaker datasources, compared with the legacy Web Data Connector. For a number of Beezwax client projects, we’ve installed and deployed a Tableau Connector (aka “TACO”) for FileMaker. The TACO was built using the Tableau Connector SDK […]Afficher la totalité du billet
  12. Let’s talk about Claris FileMaker and transactions! Join Vincenzo Menanno to discuss what transactions are, how they relate to FileMaker data operations (creating, updating, and deleting records), database normalization, and how to use transactional concepts to improve FileMaker performance, especially over a wide area network (WAN). This is a live, virtual event as part of […]Afficher la totalité du billet
  13. We are pleased to release bBox version 0.98, with with new image file functions and M1/Apple Silicon support. bBox is a free utility plug-in to extend FileMaker solutions to easily use code libraries and macOS-based functions from Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, AppleScript, C/C++, Bash/sh, XPath, and SQLite. Also included is a demo file that has […]Afficher la totalité du billet
  14. Beezwax helped the Q Foundation get ahead of a persistent pandemic and quickly pivot to decentralized operations to support a remote workforce.Afficher la totalité du billet
  15. Today, I'm running the just-released Claris FileMaker 19.3 on a new MacBook Pro, with native support for Apple's M1 chip. It is, in a word: Astounding!Afficher la totalité du billet
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