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  1. Windows Subsystem for Linux, or WSL for short, is a quite impressive piece of technology, and one of the best moves Microsoft could have made to attract developers. Particularly web developers. Afficher la totalité du billet
  2. We often think of nothing as, well, nothing. It's when something doesn't exist and therefore cannot be interacted with. So in our code, we try account for having nothing. No User? No problem. The Null Object Pattern is also an example of Composition over Inheritance. Afficher la totalité du billet
  3. FileMaker 19 introduced a couple of important new features related to using the FileMaker Data API. Here, we’ll cover an overview of the new authorization endpoint, Validate Session, API versioning updates, as well as a new script step, Execute FileMaker Data API. At the end of this article, you’ll find the demo file for learning […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  4. Inputting purchase orders or invoices in accounting systems can be quite a hassle for bookkeepers, accountants, data administrators or anyone who simply has the role of "Inputter". Each company may have its own invoicing theme and sometimes information is not always ready for easy input. Afficher la totalité du billet
  5. Ruby's safe navigator operator "&." isn't inherently bad. In fact if you have something like "foo && foo.bar" in your code, Rubocop will admonish you for not using safe navigation. However, using "&." too often in your code is probably something to avoid. Afficher la totalité du billet
  6. FileMaker 19 introduced support for Dark Mode. Not only does the application’s chrome support Dark Mode (like many applications), but developers now have the ability to detect the OS Dark Mode setting. Let’s look at three easy techniques to give FileMaker Pro users a choice between Dark Mode and Light Mode, plus an option to […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  7. If you are into object-oriented programming, you most likely have heard about composition over inheritance. The concept itself is simple: Whenever possible, prefer to compose objects rather than introducing inheritance. Afficher la totalité du billet
  8. We had a client that was upgrading their system to FileMaker 18. They had already pushed new FileMaker Pro clients out to their user’s desktops. But now that the upgraded system was ready, how could they give users a quick and easy way to launch right into the new database system? Since FileMaker 18, there […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  9. Using the FileMaker platform we can harness the power and wow-factor of modern web interfaces. This post shows how we can build dynamic data-entry forms for use in our apps. Dynamic Forms When we say a form is “dynamic”, we mean that the form’s appearance can be altered at multiple points before and during the […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  10. A longtime enterprise client recently asked us to integrate a FileMaker Server with an Oracle server. No problem, right? This task requires some development to optimize the database schema and to script the data sync. But, out of the box, FileMaker’s ESS feature supports Oracle via SQL and ODBC/JDBC. However, this Oracle server required something […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  11. FileMaker supports bidirectional communication between a web viewer and data or scripts. So, you may find yourself doing more development using plenty of web code and JavaScript integrations. If you’re having difficulty getting your HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to render in a FileMaker web viewer, there’s a great way to help inspect and fix it. You […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  12. Over years of reviewing Ruby code, the same things tend to come up over and over. In this post, I’d like to address some of the most common code smells I find when reviewing OOP code (and Ruby code in particular). Afficher la totalité du billet
  13. A demo of Claris Connect-driven workflows for interactive scheduling and purchase order approvals, stitching together several apps and services including FileMaker, Google Calendar, WordPress, Calendly, email and Slack. Afficher la totalité du billet
  14. We are pleased to release bBox version 0.95. bBox is a free utility plug-in to extend FileMaker solutions to easily use code libraries and macOS-based functions from Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, AppleScript, Bash/sh, XPath, and SQLite. Afficher la totalité du billet
  15. When I am working in the Bay Area, I often carpool to Beezwax’s Cupertino and Oakland offices with Vince Menanno, the creator and lead architect of InspectorPro. Over two years of commuting, I have been bugging him to add global search to InspectorPro, so FileMaker developers can search elements across the entire DDR for any […] Afficher la totalité du billet
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