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    FileMaker, Data Visualization, Reporting Inspector

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    FileMaker 12 Certified Developer
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  1. If you’ve been working with FileMaker, then I don’t have to sell you on the fact that it’s a great solution to help you manage your data. Whether you’re an in-house developer, a consultant, or just starting to explore what is possible with this powerful platform, you will at some point come across the need […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  2. In Part 1 (“Check Please,”) and Part 2 (“Expert Panel,”) of this series, we had some fun doing things with button bars that showed off some of their unique usefulness within the FileMaker design-layer toolbox. Often as not, your button bars are going to include icon labels, with or without a supporting text label, and you want those icons … Continue reading Fun with FileMaker Button Bars, Part 3: Tips for Designing Great Icons → Afficher la totalité du billet
  3. A well-designed Domain Specific Language (DSL) can help you be more productive as a developer, thus making you, your team and your clients happier. In this post, I’ll guide you through the design and creation of a simple DSL to create EPUB files. We’ll start with a regular API and refactoring until we get to … Continue reading Writing DSLs: The joy of human consumable APIs → Afficher la totalité du billet
  4. InspectorPro 6 Highlighting insight, performance and collaboration Wow! InspectorPro 6 is finally here. Can’t even believe it. It was such a massive undertaking. Lots of great new things and many improvements. Really proud of this release. In the immortal words of the late Steve Jobs… “This is our best version ever”. The focus has been … Continue reading InspectorPro 6 → Afficher la totalité du billet
  5. example file: Airplane_Maintenance.fmp12 The Lesson of Context One of the first lessons I learned with FileMaker is that of context! Layouts, reports, calculations, scripts, and so on all act from the perspective of a single Table Occurrence (TO) — the “context” — pulling in data from related tables as needed. Generally, the record set being … Continue reading Export Just What You Need in FileMaker → Afficher la totalité du billet
  6. A few years ago, I worked on a FileMaker project where the client told us that every week they need to import about 7,000 rows of data that represent some information that this company uses. And every week there might be some modified records, some records that don’t show up any longer, and some new records that … Continue reading Recycle Your Data | Save Space and Money → Afficher la totalité du billet
  7. Fun with Button Bars, Part 2: Expert Panel Have you ever had a FileMaker design conundrum for which you wished you could convene an Expert Panel to help guide you? If you’re thinking "panel of experts," I can’t help you, but if you’re looking for a more flexible and visually engaging alternative to FileMaker Tab … Continue reading Fun with FileMaker Button Bars, Part 2: Expert Panel → Afficher la totalité du billet
  8. If you purchased your FileMaker Cloud server with user connection licenses, you may well wonder “Where do I get the client software to connect to my server?”. A fair chance you’ll initially land on the screen below. This seems relevant, but there’s still no indication here how you can download the FileMaker Pro clients you have … Continue reading FileMaker Client installers with FileMaker Cloud → Afficher la totalité du billet
  9. Here we’ll list the steps you’ll need to enable authentication using Amazon accounts with FileMaker Cloud. If you’ll be having more than a few different people logging in to the Admin Console of your FileMaker Cloud server, it’s generally good practive to avoid having everyone use the same credentials. By enablling an additional authentication mechanism, you can … Continue reading Use Amazon OpenID authentication with FileMaker Cloud → Afficher la totalité du billet
  10. If you’ve installed the FileMaker Pro client using a “For Teams” license, or as part of your FileMaker Cloud server usage, you may see a new dialog in FileMaker Pro. In version 15, FileMaker has introduced a a new user-based licensing model. With FileMaker for Teams and FileMaker Cloud, a license allows use of Server and … Continue reading What’s this “Sign in to FileMaker Server” dialog? → Afficher la totalité du billet
  11. We’ll discuss how you can use a one or three year reserved instance for your FileMaker Cloud instance. This can shave 30% or more off your AWS instance charges. Determine Usage When you spin up any new AWS based VM you will by default be using an hourly instance. This can be perfect for short-term usage or where … Continue reading Using an AWS Reserved Instance with FileMaker Cloud → Afficher la totalité du billet
  12. If you had started a FileMaker Cloud deployment, but lost access, accidentally closed the page, or had some other issue that caused the process to stop, you may be able to restart your deployment easily by going to the AWS Marketplace and checking your history. To see your history, go to Your Software in the … Continue reading Restart interrupted FileMaker Cloud deployment → Afficher la totalité du billet
  13. Although setting up your AWS account and creating a new FileMaker Cloud server is a fairly easy process, it does have dozens of steps, and a few places where you could easily take a wrong turn. On this post we’ll go through each step in the configuration of your Amazon AWS account and requesting your first … Continue reading Step-by-step creation of a FileMaker Cloud Server → Afficher la totalité du billet
  14. Join us in person, November 7th… …for a live, hands-on presentation of FileMaker Cloud. You'll walk through the setup of a free trial with our guidance. Free credits for AWS will be provided, courtesy of FileMaker, Inc. Presented by Beezwax, hosted at 42 USA's facility in Fremont. When: Monday, November 7th from 4pm – 6pm … Continue reading FileMaker Cloud Live – SF Bay Area → Afficher la totalité du billet
  15. Work To Be Done: Bridging The Tech Gap If you follow tech industry news I am sure you’ve read and heard about the need for greater diversity in the industry. While the discussion began with a focus on women and people of color, diversity in hiring also includes people with disabilities, parents in need of … Continue reading Maximizing Diversity to Bridge The Tech Gap → Afficher la totalité du billet