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    FileMaker, Data Visualization, Reporting Inspector

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    Paris 2009
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    FileMaker 12 Certified Developer
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  1. In addition to the more typical external authentication methods, FileMaker supports client authentication using OAuth accounts from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. In this instance, I needed to set up a FileMaker Cloud server to use a company’s directory accounts, which were hosted at Azure. In order to set this up I hit a couple of […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  2. Recently, I needed to revert a database file hosted on a FileMaker Cloud 16 server. Due to a problem I was having with the Download function however I had to take a different route from the usual method. The first steps in this process went normally. After I determined which backup was the best available, […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  3. Integrating A JavaScript PDF Viewer Into Native FileMaker—No JavaScript Coding Required! We recently built an application that included PDF document management. While it might seem as simple as a quick FileMaker container field, we wanted to impress our client with an integrated solution on par with a content management system (CMS). Here’s how we built […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  4. Monitoring FileMaker’s CWP Connectivity

    I needed to set up some monitoring for FileMaker Server that made moderately heavy use of the XML interface for Custom Web Publishing (CWP). The server was mostly working well, but was due for a rebuild, or at the least, an upgrade, but the client wanted to squeeze out one more season before we did […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  5. In looking back at our initial approach to logging FileMaker PSoS (Perform Script on Server) activity, I reflect back on a number of times where this has been extremely helpful. If you have come to rely on the benefits of PSoS then you also know some of its challenges — one of the biggest is […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  6. Server-Side Swift: New Hero in Web Town

    There’s a new hero in the world of web applications, services, and microservices: Server-Side Swift is making serious waves across the industry. At Beezwax, it’s changing how we approach and solve many typical, long-standing coding challenges. Meet a New Hero 🤠 From the moment it was introduced, Swift’s singular combination of elegant brevity, type safety, […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  7. Agile Where You Least Expect It

    One of the things that I always think about is how linked Agile Methodologies are to Software development. But what concerns me the most is that sometimes it is believed that using Scrum in other contexts is impossible or that it is not even considered. Well, it’s time to try it. Every time I teach […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  8. The past month at the Agile Open Conference in Northern California, I was inspired by the Open Space forum to share and learn from those gathered about product ownership. As a software project manager, I’m tasked with helping define, facilitate and participate in product ownership roles. One of the biggest challenges I face is also […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  9. JavaScript for FileMaker with bBox

    In 2017, we released several new versions of bBox plugin. In the spirit of yearly retrospective, let’s highlight perhaps the most exciting new bBox feature: JavaScript for FileMaker. The new JavaScript for FileMaker functions in bBox are great for heavy duty JSON processing tasks, repurposing JavaScript code for use in FileMaker, or other computation intensive […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  10. FileMaker 16 has been out for several months, however we wanted to call attention to a change that can effect your application’s use of server side scripting. Recently, we upgraded a client project to FileMaker Server 16, and found that critical functionality had mysteriously broken. After a bit of sleuthing and gnashing of teeth, we […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  11. Typically, you buy an SSL certificate for a server from a SSL vendor. However, some companies may decide that they want to issue their own SSL certificates. Often this is because the domain is only used internally, and most vendors don’t easily allow (if at all) the signing of server certificates for non-public domains. Additionally, issuing your […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  12. Large d3.js Application Development

    “Code that belongs”. This is the mantra, the quest, of Beezwax Senior Developer Ryan Simms; which he discusses in this ten-part article on building a large-scale web application using d3.js. How to write code that fits the context intrinsically. The article focuses on specific techniques with the data visualization library, d3.js. But the lessons are […] Afficher la totalité du billet
  13. Version 1.0.0

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    Retrouvez ici les fichiers de démo de la FM Conférence 2017 à Rouen, "TOP02 - Créer une nouvelle expérience de recherche_ V. Menanno" En vidéo :
  14. Version 1.0.0

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    Retrouvez ici les fichiers de démo de la FM Conférence 2017 à Rouen, "SES06 - FileMaker et Tableau_ V. Menanno" En vidéo :
  15. We’re thrilled to announce the official, “integration-ready” version of LOgiCATOR. LOgiCATOR is a modular search interface for FileMaker that can be easily integrated into new or existing solutions. It’s designed to help users locate data with logical precision, via a powerful yet intuitive interface for searching across FileMaker tables. This article includes a download link for the […] Afficher la totalité du billet