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A Journey Through the Workgroup Conundrum Whitepaper

Soliant Consulting

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Workgroup Conundrum WhitepaperIdentifying the optimal path for your workgroup processes: off-the-shelf solutions or custom-built solutions

Every company has to start somewhere. Along with this business adage comes
the mentality that not only does a company have to get scrappy in its early
days, so do its tools and technology. Most start with the basics – such as a spreadsheet tool like Excel – to manage their internal data and processes. And in the early days, it’s enough.

However, as a company grows, so do its workflows and teams. Businesses
quickly outgrow their trusted tools, and teams become silos. As teams are split up by responsibilities and goals, they often find themselves facing different challenges from other business units. As a result, technology working well for one group, miserably fails for another.

We address this problem, which we refer to as the workgroup
conundrum, and potential solutions in the A Journey Through the Workgroup Conundrum white paper.

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