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Lightning Experience for Pardot

Soliant Consulting

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Nowadays, consumers have more information available to them online, resulting in new buying behavior that changed the sales process in recent years. These changes are influencing marketing and sales teams to combine tools and work together to deliver an effective sales experience.

Tools like Salesforce and Pardot are embracing new buying behaviors and helping marketing and sales teams to sell smarter.

Together, these tools are innovating and leveraging how businesses engage with customers in a cohesive, personalized selling process that meets consumers’ current needs. One of the most exciting ways to leverage your Salesforce and Pardot tool is exploring the Lightning Experience.

The Engagement History Lightning component is a custom component that displays Pardot prospect activities in Salesforce, providing sales representatives data of their prospect interactions and the ability to respond to these actions fast but in a personable way. Here are some highlights:

  • Explore Prospect Activity History — The prospect’s browsing history; how many website visits, which pages were viewed, and which content was downloaded. All the valuable information that helps you better understand prospect needs.
  • Simpler Interface — Replacing the Visualforce page with the Engagement History Lightning component will give you a simpler experience and provide information in a unique way to have a more customized view and personalized conversation with your prospects.
  • Automatic Notifications — Sales reps are automatically notified when a prospect shows interest in their product. The notification enables them to manage leads with relevant content, and to act more swiftly and directly within Salesforce.

This Engagement History Lightning component is supported in the Lightning App Builder (and on any other app that allows the addition of custom Lightning components) conveniently making all the information available on the go.

You can set up this Lightning Experience enhancement by editing a record page or creating a new page from the Lightning App Builder. It is important to note that My Domain must be enabled in your Salesforce org to add the Engagement History component onto lead or contact pages, and configuring permissions might be needed. If you need step-by-step instructions on how to add components to Lightning Experience, read the Salesforce “Configure Lightning Experience Record Pages”  article for more information.

Take full advantage of your tools to improve your customer’s experience and enable your sales team. With just a few clicks, you can add the Lightning component to your company’s records page, and help your sales reps fully understand the buying behaviors of your customer base and work smarter.


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