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Access Controlled Button Bars

FileMaker Magazine



If it's not absolutely necessary, preventing a user from accessing parts of your software is a bit better than letting them know what's possible or what's hidden from them. It also allows a given group of users to focus better without presenting options which may not apply to the functions they perform.

In this video and technique file, we take a look at two tricks combined into one. We're making single segments of a button bar hide and show, without resizing, and we're doing this based on a user's collective security access.

If you've had a FileMaker solution grow to the point where all users still have access to all things, then you'll find some great information in this video about limiting access to certain features of your user interface. This video and technique file will give you the insight into providing a limited set of options based on the access levels you define.

Click the title or link to this article to view the video.

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