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Narrow vs. Wide Tables - Part 2

FileMaker Magazine



Continuing on with the two part series about Narrow vs. Wide tables, this video will go into how to best filter your data, especially if you have a large amount. It will present the data within the structure we'd created within the first video.

Knowing the impact of data operations isn't just limited to the structure of your tables. It's also about how much data is loaded and shown to the user based on what the user needs to see. If you have a relationship resulting in hundreds of thousands of possible records, it doesn't really make sense to show anything other than what the user really needs to see.

If the user only needs to see 3 months of data then simply load the three months and allow the UI to provide options to adjust. That's exactly what we cover within this video. Let's learn how to limit what is shown within your narrow table structure.

Click the title or link to this article to view the video.

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