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Everything About Add-Ons

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These days, the future of FileMaker's flexibility is being created right in front of our eyes. While it's a relatively quiet feature right now, FileMaker Add-ons may blossom into a very beneficial way of enhancing a FileMaker file. True, there are a few rough edges in this preview version of Add-ons, but it's definitely going to be a killer feature if it takes off.

Because Claris has been expanding the definition of a FileMaker file within the world of XML, the ability to modify and/or enhance a FileMaker solution will be GREATLY expanded. This comes in the form of Add-ons and the ability to update an existing solution with new features by simply "patching" a FileMaker file.

In this video, I walk through what's available as of the FileMaker 19 release. As a preview of an intended feature, the future looks really cool. While Claris hasn't released any official Add-ons as of the release of this article, there's no doubt that developers will be gearing up to provide feature-rich add-ons that any FileMaker user can quickly add to their own solutions. If you'd like to be one of the developers who knows what's going on behind the scenes, and know how to create your own Add-ons, then you'll find all the info you need within this video.

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