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Writing Custom Functions - Successfully

FileMaker Magazine



While taking the time to write a four hour custom function the other day, it occurred to me that some viewers may think that complex custom functions are just something which pops out of your head and immediately ends up on the screen.

When, in fact, the truth is it takes a lot longer than you expect because you rarely get things perfectly the first time. It's all about wading through the errors and issues and ending up with the desired result.

In this video, I walk through my process of composing Custom Functions and talk about every detail I can think of. Many of the tips and tricks will also be applicable to your normal process of composing calculations. There are a few nuances which are specific to composing Custom Functions and it's well worth the watch if you're dealing with any kind of JSON based data. If you've always wanted to improve your confidence related to composing code for calculations, then I'm sure you'll gain a good bit of insight when watching this video.

Click the title or link to this article to view the video.

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