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Error Handling & Logging - Updated

FileMaker Magazine



When talking about logging, error handling and writing clean code it's never quite as exciting as working on the key features of your solution. Adding in the "cool" stuff and simply making things work is way more fun.

Yet, one of the main things you rely on when developing is information from users and from your software itself. If you don't capture any of that helpful information, then you're essentially developing in the dark. You'll get obscure support requests like "It doesn't work." which is... Oh so helpful - isn't it?

So, one of the core things you should add to pretty much any system is a method of both logging and error handling. While an error log sounds like something you should certainly have, you'll want to separate the two and have your errors simply be captured into your logging system. On the flip side, you can use your logging system to capture quite literally anything you might want to track within your system.

In the associated video and technique file, you'll learn about a simple set of tools which will help you both easily and quickly capture information about your system, your users and anything else you want. All into a clean and simple logging system.

Click the title or link to this article to view the video.

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