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Reusable Dialogs Revisit

FileMaker Magazine



Causing a user to make an explicit choice within your software really only happens from some sort of "locked-in" process. This process most typically happens within the form of a dialog box. It's the one roadblock you can stick in front of a user and expect input. Your software then uses that input to determine the output or direction.

While FileMaker Pro does have its own native dialog box, there are some limitations to the native Show Custom Dialog script step. The number one limitation is the lack of control with regards to size and positioning. Aside from that, the dialog box is pretty fixed in terms of how it looks and what it does.

Actually, the limitations on a dialog box are a good thing. It creates a sense of consistency across the whole notion of software itself. Users have seen dialog boxes and interacted with them. They know what they do and how to react to them. So, in order to gain a bit more control and flexibility, we use our own layouts to provide our own variation of a dialog box.

By using a FileMaker layout, we get to control how it looks and reacts to certain situations. This video and technique file revisits an early version which was released when Card Windows had just come out. If you enjoy using powerful and efficient methods of enforcing that "locked-in" process, then make sure to check this one out!

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