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Assessing Performance

FileMaker Magazine



Who doesn't want their software to perform as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Don't we always want things to go faster and work better?

Of course we do. The problem is, we don't always take the time to fully think out what is happening when we solve a problem. Sometimes, we just robot our way through the code we are creating because it's how we've always done it - and it's easy or faster.

Being an "efficiency nut", when it comes to code, is something I really enjoy. It represents the fact that you have a reduced amount of code to accomplish the same thing that previously had more. Less code means less to maintain. Less code can also mean more performant.

In this video, I walk through a recent example of showing how a particular solution could be simplified. It's an example that plays out in the software world many times over. Most importantly, it represents what is the compounding effects of not taking the time to think out the most efficient solution. If and easiest to maintain, fastest performing solution is what you're after, then you may find a tip or two within this video about Assessing Performance.

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