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Testimonials > Paris Trip

Marina Syhanath



Paris Trip organises minibus excursions,in partnership with tour operators and the principal tourist sites, to visit the capital from a fresh perspective. Thanks to the expertise of Lesterius, Paris Trip are sure to not miss a single reservation and to produce the right invoice at the right tax rate.

Didier Moreaux, Paris Trip

« PARIS TRIP is a minibus excursion company where we organise trips to Paris, Versailles, the Normandy and Somme battlefields, and things like that for tour operators, using 8 to 20-seater vehicles. These are packaged tours, not customised tours. We needed to computerise everything to do with reservations and billing, we had no way of predicting the future. »

Vincent Gilet, Lesterius

« At present the database manages all their employees, their timesheets and availability. It manages all the vehicles fleet, employees’ medical checks, the products. It manages the various rates, ticket shortage, billing. It was hell. A tour operator’s billing system is unbelievably complex. Because they have to calculate VAT afterwards on the profit margin they make on products. you calculate the purchases depending on the price of the tour. Everything that is not a purchase is a transport service, and the VAT is different. Well, yes. Really, we had all kinds of difficulties with the billing, and now it is something that works really well and enables them to save a lot of time. »

Didier Moreaux, Paris Trip

« The VAT rate can change. They were able to reflect my wishes exactly and set up the VAT exactly the way I need. That was the most crucial thing and the most important problem to solve. »

Vincent Gilet, Lesterius

« Every month, Didier comes and prepares the work really well. He turns up with a few sheets of folded paper and says: “Here we go”. There are 25 items, a summary, many screen shots with explanations of what needs to be done and so on. Superb work! »

Didier Moreaux, Paris Trip

« He has become every bit as much a partner as the partners who contribute to the minibus trips. I work with the Moulin Rouge, the Lido, and now Lesterius is as great to work with as the Moulin Rouge or the Lido as far as I’m concerned. They are always capable of responding to any needs I might have. And they always find a solution with FileMaker. »

Vincent Gilet, Lesterius

« One question I very regularly ask him is: “Have you benefited from it?” He says: “You can’t imagine, it has been a godsend, because now I have an idea of what is going to happen based on what happened in the past”. They use the solution for 3 years now, so they can really generate statistics for what has happened previously and also see the impact of the attacks in France in January (2015) and in November. It’s astonishing, and these are things he couldn’t do in the past because he was just working with bits of paper. He knows exactly what type of tour, what type of thing he is losing sales for.

The fact that he comes over once a month proves that the client is using his IT tool and, in a way, that is our reward. It is rewarding for the developer because we say to ourselves: it was complicated, there were things that were difficult to set up, whether the client was demanding or not, it is the result that counts and it is the client we work for, and there really were a lot of things that were difficult to achieve and so we feel a certain pride in achieving them. I believe the fact that the client uses the product is the best reward we could receive. »


A reservation and invoicing system adapted to sightseeing tours - @paris_trip #successstories #filemaker https://t.co/OQE4EE986u

 — @lesterius_eng


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