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Testimonials > Bluestream

Marina Syhanath



Bluestream is involved in numerous offshore operations throughout its 3 departments. It offers a wide range services to surface and submarine installations. Thanks to the expertise of Lesterius, Bluestream is improving its operational safety as well as that of its employees.

Rob de Brouwer, Bluestream

« Bluestream is a service organisation. We provide all kinds of offshore operations. And this is based on three business units. One of these is ‘Rope Access’, the unit dedicated to climbing on location, in hard-to-reach places. We also have a big diving department, and last but not least, we also have a large ROV float, ‘remotely operated underwater vehicles’ are sometimes compared to underwater drones, which perform all manner of inspections in the North Sea, where we are primarily active.

Certification is generally a very important aspect for Bluestream. The desire to implement the entire project together with Lesterius was initially triggered by the diving department. When diving, people end up in some potentially dangerous situations. So their diving equipment must meet very strict requirements. Diving helmets, the diving equipment itself, decompression chambers, cables, and so on — it’s all subject to certifications. These certificates must always be available together with the equipment.

Bluestream has always worked in a paper environment. This took a lot of time and effort. This was continuously very stressful, which is why we at some point decided to see if we couldn’t arrange this in a more intelligent matter. »

Arnoud van den Broek, Lesterius

« We created a budget, looking at how much time and approximately how much money it would cost to carry out that first phase, the first sub-project. And we got started using this budget. »

Rob de Brouwer, Bluestream

« We had already written a software package in the past, which we used to keep track of our ROV inventory. We wrote it in FileMaker. And there are a number of similarities with the needs we had. That was why we initially decided to choose FileMaker. We then reached an agreement with Lesterius, to do the development here in-house. They spent a fair number of hours working here on location. With our project team, we discussed each week: ‘where we were, what our priorities were, and our expectations, and when we expected deliverables.’ And this is how we worked through the entire project, from the beginning to the end. »

Arnoud van den Broek, Lesterius

« For us it is very important to actually work in the company itself. To see how people work there, what they are working on, and under which conditions. So that’s possibly one of the most important things — to actually be able to experience how the company feels and looks, from the inside. How their projects come in, how hectic it can be if right before a mobilisation, the departure of a ship, just how many papers need to be gathered together. »

Rob de Brouwer, Bluestream

« The way we send out our systems is actually determined very specifically for each project. It turned out to be a fairly complex matter, managing all of this in a software package. And to be able to follow all of this closely, it is essential to have someone very close to the action. So it is precisely that direct collaboration between Bluestream as customer and Lesterius as developer, which made all the difference for us. »

Arnoud van den Broek, Lesterius

« We developed a system allowing the customer themselves to define the structure of the document. On this basis, we then generate new documents. Among techies there is a particular atmosphere, a certain kind of humour, a particular way of dealing with problems, with at times a little bit of stress. I myself feel very much at home in such an atmosphere. That’s also kind of how it feels when we are at work there. I sometimes hear from people that they get a kick out of getting things done at the last moment and then saying, ‘yes, it all worked out at the very last moment!’ I can really relate to that. I definitely like that. »

Rob de Brouwer, Bluestream

« What we often see during mobilisations, which of course always occur on weekends, is that the whole company is topsy-turvy. And what we see now is that it is very easy for people to, so to speak with the press of a button, print out new lists, which means people actually get to go home on time more often. So that’s a happy consequence. The pressure and the risks have definitely been reduced. »


The development of software ensuring the safety of employees - @BluestreamO #successstories #filemaker https://t.co/RhXcOw5uMX

 — @lesterius_eng


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