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Testimonials > FauveParis

Marina Syhanath


The objective of FauveParis is to make auction sales accessible to newcomers. This Parisian start-up has 750m2 dedicated to a showroom, exhibition hall, lounge and wine bar. Thanks to the experience of Lesterius, FauveParis can manage its sales and its catalogue online.

Lucie-Éléonore Riveron, FauveParis

« Fauve Paris is an auction house in Paris, covering 750 square metres including our salesroom, exhibition room and a café and wine bar to create a friendly space and make the auction experience less intimidating. Generally there are collectors, and most of the time they want to sell their items for all kinds of reasons, to complete their collections or collect something different, so they entrust us with them and we sell the items for them. »

Cédric Melado, FauveParis

« If we wanted to attract new clients today, we would have to make our business much more accessible, which means opening it up onto the high street. This is why we opted for a large space like this, right in the heart of Paris, with a large display window looking out onto the street. Then, we have also developed a whole management system with the software that Lesterius gave us to improve the quality of service to our clients. »

Lucie-Éléonore Riveron, FauveParis

« Cédric and I worked in two different auction houses before founding Fauve Paris. Incidentally, we used the same software at those two auction houses. We were aware of other packaged software on the market though, and having used them a little bit, we realised they didn’t meet our needs at all for the auction house we were setting up. »

Cédric Melado, FauveParis

« We have a client base that grew as we came into existence, so we had fairly significant technical needs to get a database that would evolve and grow with us. »

Lucie-Éléonore Riveron, FauveParis

« We already had a fairly clear idea of what features we wanted, because we had a thorough understanding of the scope of what our job would involve. Since we have different roles one or the other of us, we always knew what we needed. So we drew up fairly detailed specifications according to the criteria Lesterius asked for. »

Vincent Gilet, Lesterius

« Lucie-Éléonore came to us and she had really thought hard about her project and she had done all the mock-ups for the website, so that provided a really good basis for thinking things through and detecting certain problems. We made intensive use of it to create the back office in FileMaker and the things that were absolutely necessary because the website wouldn’t work without them. »

Cédric Melado, FauveParis

« Our website, which is linked directly to our software, also offers the customers more interesting experiences. That is to say that the search engine works really well, it is easy to scan all our past sales and everything we manage in our database appears instantly on the website. So we save a significant amount of time and energy for ourselves and our clients. »

Lucie-Éléonore Riveron, FauveParis

« We got in touch with several developers; we didn’t necessarily know the specific technology. We had our specifications, our very specific ideas and ultimately we felt that FileMaker was the most intuitive and the most attractive — that was very important for us! — the most stable, and almost the most economical because there are all kinds of features that were already standard in FileMaker so it wasn’t worth redeveloping them. »


Cédric Melado, FauveParis

« We found out that it is really very practical to have a mobile tool adapted to tablets and iPhones, you know, to iPads, so that people can work on the go. Bearing in mind that we are always on the go ourselves because of items we go to see or that are brought to us, or for meetings with clients. Having our software with our entire database, our history, is really useful because we can see that we have sold a certain number of Vasarelys since we opened. I’m in the inventory, I see a Vasarely, I go to my database, I see Vaserelys, I have sold them for about two or three hundred each for lithographs. So it’s a really practical tool.

Lots of people told me that it would be impossible for us to have a physical space covering more than 500 square metres in Paris, set up a company and have a custom software project linked to a website. Ultimately, we have done it, and we have done it because we have worked with people who provided great support and understood our needs. Lesterius really understood how we worked and came up with a solution that exceeded our expectations. »

A modernised and more accessible vision of auction sales - @FauveParis #successstories #filemaker https://t.co/r0hHzJEDsD

 — @lesterius_eng


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