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Testimonials > BTM

Marina Syhanath



BTM is a commercial laundry servicing hotels, restaurants, industry and the health sector. It takes care of all types of textiles and in doing so helps their clients’ day-to-day stock management. Thanks to the expertise of Lesterius, BTM has peace of mind knowing that it has software which responds to its needs.

Jean Eudes Renou, BTM

« BTM is an industrial laundry business. We do laundry for professionals in the hospitality sector, restaurants, the food trade, industry, health etc. We are both a rental and a laundry service, which is to say that all the laundry we wash is our property and we make it available to our customers.

We used to have business management software that also managed work clothing, with a traceability feature. We had a problem at the human level, though: we were faced with one IT specialist who was fifty years old at the time and had rigged the system to force us to update to the new version. In other words, on a predefined date, the system crashed and the only way to solve the problem was to switch to the new version.

Since my sister knew quite a lot about IT, I asked her which system might be best for us in terms of stability and continuity over time. She said: “ Save yourself the hassle and switch to FileMaker”. So that is how I found Lesterius, once again taking my sister’s advice. She told me to call three businesses and there were two under consideration, Lesterius and another company, and the thing that tipped the balance was the relationship and the feeling that we could expect follow-up and responsiveness.

We explained the project and they told me they couldn’t deal with the traceability side. So never mind, we retained Lesterius for the business management program and coupled it with a specific program for work clothing with traceability. Then, it was up to them to get the programs to communicate. »

Vincent Gilet, Lesterius

« We worked on that project for, I don’t know, 45 or 60 days. It manages the customers, the clothing, the fact that there might be flat linen or wearables. Flat linen means sheets, pillowcases; wearables are clothing for butchers, bakers, etc., The software also manages the customer’s contract with several points of sale. So, it manages the clothing by point of sale, by the clothing size of the people at the point of sale, etc. There are also bar codes and so on. »

Jean Eudes Renou, BTM

« The challenge was to understand what we do, that we were working two days ahead of the service we actually provide which is to wash linen and deliver it. What I produce today, the items I wash today, will only be delivered on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. So that was understood and taken on board. The software is aligned to that and to increase its intuitiveness and reduce errors, we came up with a specific window for “Shipments”. At the top, you search for the customer’s name, select the delivery date and the system will have preselected the items for that customer in the background. Then, all you need to do is select the item and quantity. The advantage is that I don’t have to deal with errors, or at least, I minimise handling errors. »


Vincent Gilet, Lesterius

« It’s really interesting and it takes us all the way to invoicing. And it is an extremely complicated invoicing system. Honestly, it is one of the most complex invoicing systems we have had to set up because there are all kinds of taxes, all kinds of fixed prices. And if you go over that price, then… trust me, it’s really complicated. »

Jean Eudes Renou, BTM

« More than anything, the software took away my stress and anxiety, because things could have blown up at any moment. One of the big changes has been peace of mind, I mean, even though there might be bugs, I know it’s a system that is stable, durable and that there is someone behind it who is prepared to help me out at any time.

We found out that if you were coming again by we would need to put white wine in the fridge because you were a real white wine fan. »

An essential tool for a commercial laundry - BTM #successstories #filemaker https://t.co/AgvQoexU32

 — @lesterius_eng


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