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Testimonials > Nevelland

Marina Syhanath



The Nevelland group is made up of two studios and a modern print-shop It is equally committed to a social and an environmental policy. Thanks to the expertise of Lesterius, Nevelland has a simple visual interface for printing.

Johan Strumane, Nevelland

« The Nevelland Group consists of two sheltered workshops and a sheet-fed offset plant. Here, customers have their products packaged or repackaged, assembled and delivered. We have some two hundred people working here, eighty percent of which are disadvantaged in the labour market.

Previously we had a number of employees who wrote various things in FileMaker, but because we were growing and also because it was becoming more complex due to the fact that we had taken another sheltered workshop under our wings; we were actually two companies under one roof, everything was very complex and that is how the need arose: yes, what we have written, it was nice, but we can’t do it alone any more. Now we need professional help.

We had programmed a number of tables: quotes, invoices, a company file … but there were no relationships between the different tables and we didn’t have the required knowledge in house, so we asked Lesterius: how can you make a system in which we can keep our workflow under control from A to Z? And there’s a lot to be considered. First of all, there is a client database, a contacts database, a quote table, orders, invoices as well as delivery notes, purchase orders … A lot of different documents that had to be moulded into a system.

I think Lesterius really listened to what we had to say and they interviewed various users in our company and consulted them about their needs. »

Loïc Eeckhout, Lesterius

« Around 10 years ago, we had already set up a project at Nevelland and a few years ago, they actually came back to us because in the meantime their needs had changed somewhat and therefore we had to evaluate everything all over again.

Based on the audit at Nevelland we decided to perform an analysis and after much consultation we came up with the ideal solution.

From the start, Lesterius made the proposal to work in our offices. That was surprising, but it turned out to be a very good choice. Due to the fact that it was and still is being programmed here, a very close cooperation is the result and it is very flexible. We can respond quickly to each other. »

Johan Strumane, Nevelland

« Lesterius also encourages us to actively participate in the program. It is not a case of: look, we do this our way and so that’s it. They encourage us really beyond use, to make adjustments ourselves. »


Loïc Eeckhout, Lesterius

« Meanwhile, the relationship with Nevelland and Johan has evolved so that Johan can estimate how much time we will need for certain components much better. Moreover, he can also estimate very well what is important for his company and he can give us a list of everything we have to address first, and points that would be good, but are less urgent. »

Johan Strumane, Nevelland

« I think the collaboration with Lesterius and the programming of our application is a never ending story.

The cool thing about Lesterius is that they are very nice people, with both feet on the ground, they know what they are talking about, they are very motivated, they really like what they are doing.

That personal touch which they give, that is appreciated enormously. »

A simplified interface for printing - @Nevelland #successstories #filemaker https://t.co/Jnza3u8Ikp

 — @lesterius_eng


Testimonials > Nevelland was originally published in Lesterius on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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