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FileMaker, Inc

I have a timestamp field.  I want the field to contain the most recent timestamp after importing a file and updating the existing records in found set.  I'm trying to do this by validating by calculation.  I would think that a simple IF function would be sufficient however I can't seem to figure out how to reference the data that's being imported.  I would think the IF statement would look something like this pseudocode below:




Any thoughts?? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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FileMaker, Inc

Hi Guys,


I have recently developed an email marketing database which runs in webdirect and I am now in the process of adding many users with various privilege sets.


My question is what is the best way to manage the users? I have been running a script that adds the users to both files which seems to work ok but as the user list grows it's becoming harder to manage. Should I be looking at LDAP or something else?


I am running FileMaker Server 16 with multiple database files on an AWS Windows 2016 server.

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FileMaker, Inc

iPad Display

I am building a solution that will be used on desktops, iOS device, and eventually with WD. The issue I have at this point is that on one layout I need to turn tool bars and menu bars off. The layout in question however, on the iPad doesn't fill, and leaves a white area at the bottom of the screen.

How can I get this to "fill" the screen on the iPad?


BTW, all the layouts are exactly the same size. I will send 2 screen shots taken on the iPad; the "ADMIN" layout is the one with all the white space at the bottom. The "STAFF" layout fits fine.


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FileMaker, Inc

A couple of years ago, I purchased Fmaker Pro 11 on a cd. I tried to

- install it on my new macbook pro but I got an error message:




- I then downloaded the file from the Filemaker site, in the assumption that my cd contained corrupted software

but again I got the error messages above


- I then downloaded an update to Version 14 but still, I get the error message


Is there anyway I can get my legally purchased Fmaker Pro v 11 to work? Or am I doomed and do I need to purchase a subscription for $800 per year to use just one file I use Filemaker for??


All help appreciates

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FileMaker, Inc

What is the scripting to hide a given field in a portal if the previous row in that portal has a matching field with its same value?


e.g. Portal rows include: Date field  |  Name field


I want to be able to show the first Date, but if the next row has the same Date, hide that field until the row has a new Date. Essentially creating a heading label but via a field in a portal.

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FileMaker, Inc

I am curious - does adding a portal to a layout increase response time on the layout?  What I'm wondering is - when adding/updating records in other tables from any given layout - if it is generally better to A)  go to a layout that contains the records I want to add/update only when needed, then switch back to my original layout, or if it is better to B) create portals out of user view and use those to create/edit records in another table when needed.  Or is the difference negligible and simply developer preference?  I know there are variables that make this question impossible to answer precisely, just wondering what the general rule (if any) might be.  Ex.  one or two portals OK, five would create a drag.  One portal with five fields would be fine, 20 fields would show some slowness.

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FileMaker, Inc

I’m experiencing an intermittent problem with FileMaker Server 15v3. The server will run perfectly fine for a period of time but then will suddenly lockup. I am having trouble figuring out the root cause of these lockups.


The database is a simple 2 file solution: FileA which contains record data and the user interface. The second FileB contains tables for container data (stored externally).


We are running FileMaker Server 15v3 (but this has happened in v1 and 2 as well). The server is running on a late 2014 MacMini (OS X 10.10.5).


When the server locks up all connected users will start seeing a find progress dialog when trying to perform actions within the database (actions could be going to another layout via script, searching, exporting a container etc). I have tried disconnecting users one by one (generally there are between 35 and 45 users connected at one time) to try and narrow the cause down to a specific user but server will only disconnect about half of the users.

I’ve attempted to stop the server using the launchctl command, all components of FileMaker server stop gracefully except for fmserverd. The server was left for over an hour to allow the process a chance to gracefully quit but eventually we had to force quit the process.

Attempting to pause the databases has resulted in an error message

Could not pause database FileB because of lock conflict(s) with 2 database user(s): Admin (); Admin()

There is no account for Admin in either FileA or FileB. There are no scheduled scripts being run on server and I haven't seen any PSOS sessions in the list of users while the server has been locked up.


After restarting the server the logs show that both FileA and FileB have been closed improperly and have to be verified before they’re opened.


I’ve turned on the top call stats logging in the hope that I can catch what is happening when the server locks up. Has anyone experienced this issue or know of any further troubleshooting steps / fixes that I could attempt?

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FileMaker, Inc

We recently upgraded from verison 5 to 16 of Filemaker. We are having issues with moving old files that we no longer want to a folder on the server. You used to be able to clone the records in the older version. We have asked so many computer people and they have NO clue.  Please help me move the files we want and keep the current ones? Totally lost and can't figure it out.

Thanks so much


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FileMaker, Inc

My question is this: Is anyone else having problems with container fields not showing with inserted PDF? Almost as if it is not communicating with acrobat correctly?


Here is some background: First, we have a field that is used to collect scanned documents as PDFs. We were using Server 14 and the container field was set to Data Formatting / Interactive Content. This solution is on a server and the user, using FMP on a client would drag over a PDF into the container field and it would show the PDF with the ability to scroll through the pages and zoom. This worked great.


This last week we upgraded to FMS 16 and the PDFs will not show up and now you get a blank container field with a load bar at the bottom - The same bar that was used for the scrolling and zoom - and nothing else. The only option on the field is to reload.


If I switch the formatting of the container field to optimize for images, the PDF shows, but sideways. If you export it, it is properly formatted and rightsize up.


This morning I created a local test database with a container field and loaded a PDF into the field and it worked fine. I also tested the web direct option of my original database and when using the web the PDF shows correctly. I uploaded the test database to the server and the issue is the same - I can't see the PDF using FMP client to FMS.


It seems like acrobat is "hanging".


Can anyone help me with either a solution or an understanding of what might be occurring. Also please note that this issue is replicated of several other computers, some using FMP15, FMP16 and FMP 14. I believe this is a server side issue.


I have attached a screen shot of what I am getting.




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FileMaker, Inc

FileMaker server 15


Made a command button that allows users to download and save the file as an excel file on their desktop. The button works on my computer. But, if uploaded it to the FileMaker server, the command button doesn't work that way, which is it doesn't download and save the file as an excel file. How the command should be set in order to make it work? 

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FileMaker, Inc

Greets, all:


I need a calculation that checks to see if a unique value (notice the singular) in a specific field exists in a found set of records; the calc can either be in native FileMaker code or use ExecuteSQL.


Obviously, I could use the Find command but iI'd like to avoid that since even with using Freeze Window there's some flickering and klunky code to add, too; a calc that would tell me that the value is there would solve things very neatly.


I thought of using PatternCount with ListValues but the problem is that since the value I'm looking for is spelled, Master, it will count/find Masters so that won't work.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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FileMaker, Inc

I would really like to fully automate the process of posting offline versions of our database solution.


I already have a script that exports an empty clone from a container and imports data for each branch of our company, then it inserts the fmp file into a container field for deployment to FMGo users.


This works really well, but it requires a user to click a button to begin the process.  The first time it opens the offline file, the dialog "FileMaker cannot share a file because network sharing is turned off." pops up which requires a user to click OK.


I created an automator app that opens the database and runs the script for me.  I would love to just set the automator app to run on a schedule on the server with a cron job or something...


The only thing that is preventing me from automating this fully is the fact that when the first empty clone is opened, that dialog about sharing comes up.  Is there any way to suppress it?  Or is there a way to script the MacOS UI to click the button for me?

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FileMaker, Inc

I am trying to do something that should be simple, but am stuck.  Any help on what is wrong here?  I am trying to find a record and set a field to a value.  To simplify I am providing the 2 variables.

It stops on the:

$rec->setField ('Photo_Count', $Count);   //Set Field Name to supplied variable$rec->setField


This step is wrong, but not sure how I find a record then edit it?  The examples I see are with a record ID, not a found record


Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance





$fm = new FileMaker();
$fm->setProperty ('database', 'xxxx');
$fm->setProperty ('hostspec', 'xxxx');
$fm->setProperty ('username', 'xxxxx');
$fm->setProperty ('password', 'xxxx');



  $StockNumber = 1000;
  $Count= 55;


    #start the find
    $find= $fm->newFindCommand ("Scripted_PhotoCount");    //Layout Name

    $find->addFindCriterion('__kp_Stock Number','=='.$StockNumber);  //Fieldname exact match to supplied variable

    $result = $find->execute();    // Execute above Find

$rec->setField ('Photo_Count', $Count);   //Set Field Name to supplied variable

$result = $rec-> commit(); // Commit Record


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FileMaker, Inc

I have been unable to get Dragon Dictate to work with FileMaker Pro 16.


Dragon Dictate works perfectly fine with FileMaker Pro 15 and all earlier versions.


I created a new FileMaker Pro 16 database on the local computer, added a single text field. I can type into the text field but if I use Dragon Dictate, no transcription occurs. If I then click into a FileMaker Pro 15 text field, Dragon dictate works properly.


Any ideas?


Hayward Zwerling

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FileMaker, Inc

Hi all. Maybe I'm just not smart enough to deploy Omit requests logically, but I sure could use some help.


Think of a table of sales.


Each record has a sale date.


I want to find records where SaleDate is:


NOT 1/1/2017


NOT 1/2/2017


NOT 1/3/2017


Stacking up omit requests makes this an AND search. The set of found records gets progressively smaller.


I want the set of found records to get progressively bigger.


I'm dreaming of a != operator that I could enter in the field on the Find form, before the date...


Suggestions (and obvious solutions that I couldn't figure out) greatly appreciated.

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FileMaker, Inc

I have created a database that uses a number of global fields in calculations. The global fields allow users to edit the information, without knowing how to change calculations.


I added some of these fields while I was still working offline with the database. They work fine. The last fields I added do not retain their values after I exit FileMaker and other users can't see the global values. From reading the forums, I suspect that I because I added them after the file was hosted on Server 14.


Any suggestions for a way to fix this that doesn't involve scripts (which is exactly what I'm trying to avoid) or taking the file down off Server (which is a big hassle)?


It seems crazy that there isn't an easy way to get global fields to work as expected in hosted files.

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