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Mutually Exclusive Values

Value lists are one of the fundamental building blocks of any good UI built on top of a database system. Providing users with a preselected list of options to choose from helps the data entry process go faster and - is - just easier. When using value lists, there are times when you need to limit the number of selections of any given value to being used just once. You may also need to enforce that one of each of all possible values is used. In this video, we tackle both situations by enforcing

Big 3 Local Development Options

Being able to develop locally, as if the data and the server was right there on your local machine provides a nice advantage. You know how the solution will work when hosted, you can develop and test PSOS scripts effectively, and you're generally protected from client crashes. Plus, you're fully mobile if need be - it's all on one machine. This is where hosting your FileMaker solutions locally becomes a big advantage. This video showcases what I consider to be the Big 3 of local hosting. 1) You

Extracting System Paths - Media Archiving

In the process of creating a simple media archiving database I found I had used the same skill twice because of how FileMaker returns data from certain functions. Hence, I decided to provide you with my simple little start to a Media Archiving solution. Simply, it asks for a folder, then pulls the paths to all files from the selected, and enclosed, folders into the database. It's really a pretty simple thing because it's managed with one simple function from the BaseElements plug-in. However,

Universal List View Sorting

What makes FileMaker development so fun is the variety of different functions and script steps. They provide an almost infinite number of combinations to solve a wide variety of technical problems. There isn't always just "one way to do it". So, what happens when you stop to think about a more recent feature in light of how you've "always done it before"? Like... sorting... for example. Have you always simply attached the Sort script step to your list view headers and called it a day? What if y

Narrow vs. Wide Tables - Part 2

Continuing on with the two part series about Narrow vs. Wide tables, this video will go into how to best filter your data, especially if you have a large amount. It will present the data within the structure we'd created within the first video. Knowing the impact of data operations isn't just limited to the structure of your tables. It's also about how much data is loaded and shown to the user based on what the user needs to see. If you have a relationship resulting in hundreds of thousands of

Bypassing Scientific Notation

Earlier today I needed 1 billion to render in the calc engine as 1000000000, but FM helpfully converts numbers to scientific notation if they A) are >= 1 billion, and B) contain nothing but zeros following the initial digits. Example where “A” and “B” are both true: Example where “A” is true but “B” is… Continue reading Bypassing Scientific Notation Afficher la totalité du billet

Narrow vs. Wide Tables

Like any good craftsperson, you should know your tools and your methods for accomplishing things in the most efficient and best performing way. This is always most obvious when it comes to that every slowing FileMaker solution which started out innocently as a simple "helper" database. Then... it ended up being used for all kinds of things. Critical things even! It was thrown together based on how you mentally "see" the data and not how the data should have been structured. This is one of those

Diamant de Lucie n°1 : DataTables dans FileMaker

Nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter le premier bijou technique de @Lucie Guilbert, en tant que développeuse Web et FileMaker chez ParJupiter. Les bijoux techniques de Lucie seront naturellement appelés les «Diamants de Lucie» !   💎 🎵 Et il y en aura d'autres… Ce tout premier diamant vient combler un manque historique de #FileMaker : il apporte la possibilité de consulter les données dans un tableau facile à trier, à filtrer, bien présentable, avec une pagination et un compteur

Extracting PDF Contents

It seems like it's taken decades for many businesses and government agencies to move from pushing paper into the digital age of transactions. Recently, I was reminded of this by heading into town hall and having to push a bit of paper myself. Banks and other financial institutions still actually offer paper options surprisingly. I guess being in the world of tech comes with its own biases. But, despite the seemingly slow adoption, the migration is still happening and more and more things are goi

OData for FileMaker – Examples, Tips and Nuances

This blog post is the second of a three-part series about the FileMaker OData API, introducing a demo file with more than 40 examples plus helpful tips, along with Q&A. Part one of the series highlighted some of the key features of the API which make it an exciting addition to the FileMaker platform. As a […] Afficher la totalité du billet



Add-On : description du contenu d'un dossier

Vous pouvez retrouver le contenu de cet article sur notre site IU-DATA.   Nous avons récemment développé un module pour un de nos clients, le groupe Eduservices, spécialiste de l’éducation supérieur privée. Ce module devait permettre la récupération de l'identifiant de la convention collective d’une société ( IDCC ) à partir de son SIRET. Rien de bien compliqué il suffit d’intérroger l’API du gouvernement Français « Siret2Idcc ». https://www.data.gouv.fr/fr/reuses/api-si

Integrating FileMaker’s Data API and Ruby with the fmrest-ruby gem

We often work on projects that intersect two technologies near and dear to us: FileMaker and Ruby. This allows us to build robust web applications in Ruby on Rails, integrated with data sources from FileMaker solutions. When Claris introduced the FileMaker Data API we were naturally curious to try it out. At the time there […] Afficher la totalité du billet



Understanding External Authentication

Even if it's not a super interesting topic, and really only applies if you're managing a FileMaker server, it always pays to know how things work behind the scenes. If you've never used FileMaker's external authentication via LDAP then you'll want to watch this particular video. If you're creating any type of FileMaker solution which needs to know when your users both enter and exit the system, which especially applies to using external authentication, then you'll enjoy the super simple access

Why Claris FileMaker?

Let me preface this first by saying, I’m not from a technical background. I was in education management for over 15 years and did a lot of work with improving business efficiencies and reducing/eliminating redundancies and I recently changed my career path into pursuing FileMaker Development. Throughout this transition, I commonly hear the question, [...] The post Why Claris FileMaker? appeared first on The Scarpetta Group, Inc.. Afficher la totalité du billet

Migrating Themes

Recently, having had a conversation with a fellow developer about a FileMaker theme potentially causing issues with slow performance, it was asked about how it's possible to update a theme. Whether you simply want to update existing styles and/or remove and add others, there's only a few critical things you need to remember about updating and migrating a theme. If you can get those few things right, then making any number of updates to your existing theme can be quite easy to accomplish. The g

FRAP-Map: A Flexible, Robust, Accessible and Portable Data Mapping Technique

Editor’s note: today we have a guest article by long-time FileMaker developer, Peter Doern, who has come up with an elegant, outside-the-box methodology for managing imports. This is one of the coolest techniques I’ve seen in a long time. Enjoy. FileMaker includes a powerful and fast method for importing data from a source table to… Continue reading FRAP-Map: A Flexible, Robust, Accessible and Portable Data Mapping Technique Afficher la totalité du billet

IU-DATA Add-on : iOS Switch v1

Voici un des premiers add-ons que j'ai créé et que j'utilise régulièrement dans les solutions que nous développons pour nos clients. C'est un sélecteur à 2 positions basés sur celui que l'on peut retrouver sur différentes interfaces d'iOS ou sous différentes formes dans un grand nombre d'applications et de sites webs ! ( et même sur cette page 😉 ) Contenu dans un web viewer, HTML et CSS permettent de lui donner des fonctionnalités impossible à obtenir correctement avec les objets nati

Reporting in FileMaker: How to Make Subsummary Parts Work Hard!

Are you creating a FileMaker Pro subsummary report? A subsummary layout part is used to sort a set of records into groups based on the values contained in a break field. Typically, you can only create one subsummary part per field on a layout. But what if you need both a leading and trailing subsummary part for the same field on a single report? Well, you can do it, given a little creativity! Use case Let me explain the situation first. I was working on designing a report for a client fo

OData for FileMaker – New Player in an Old Game

This blog post is the first in a three-part series about the FileMaker OData API, highlighting key features that make it an exciting addition to the Claris FileMaker platform. Part 1: An Introduction to FileMaker OData I had the opportunity and pleasure to take a one-week dive into the FileMaker OData API. The objective was […] Afficher la totalité du billet



Create a powerful layout design in FileMaker

Typically, portals in FileMaker are used for showing related data. However, a portal based on the same table as its layout would simply display the current found set. If you made the portal large enough, the layout would appear as a list view- which wouldn’t be very helpful. So, in this blog, we will make the portal smaller and create a powerful layout design, the Master Detail portal. If data requires or if users request […] The post Create a powerful layout design in FileMaker first appeared



Customized PDF Output

FileMaker has had the ability to use an internal PDF writer since version 8. It has, however, not always had the ability to merge multiple PDFs into one master and make this work as seamlessly as possible. Being able to do this server side is a really BIG benefit! In this video, we take a look at a subscriber's question about a particular printed layout issue in conjunction with taking advantage of FileMaker's best possible output options. With the ability to Save Records As PDF we can certainl

IU-DATA, nouveau site, des articles et des add-ons !

Grande nouvelle pour nous, IU-DATA intègre le Marketplace de Claris afin de proposer de manière régulière différents add-ons ou produits permettant d'ajouter des fonctionnalités aussi uniques qu'intéressantes à vos solutions FileMaker. Un moyen pour moi de vraiment m'amuser en recherche et développement je dois le dire ! C'était aussi l'occasion pour nous de refondre totalement notre site Internet afin d'y proposer de nouveaux services. D'un côté nous partagerons avec vous des articles auto
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