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FileMaker Pro 19 - New Features & Functionality

On Wednesday May 20th, 2020 Claris International Inc. released a new version of FileMaker Pro. Version 19 includes just a handful of changes, but they are far reaching and will extend FileMaker's usefulness in many ways. Of the changes, the biggest is an extensible architecture which allow for portable components called Add-ons to be distributed. The same underlying technology, which uses XML, is also being used to provide support for updating a database file using a command line tool. FileMak

Claris FileMaker 19 Overview

Claris FileMaker 19 Overview A new and exciting version of FileMaker is here! 2020 marks over 35 years for the Claris FileMaker platform. A lot of innovation has occurred at Claris since the last FileMaker release. FileMaker Cloud, FileMaker Marketplace, and Claris Connect have launched, and Claris Nextgen is in the roadmap. In this article we will focus on the Claris FileMaker flagship product, specifically FileMaker Pro 19, FileMaker Server 19, FileMaker Go 19, and FileMaker Cloud. We disc

FileMaker Javascript Web Viewer Integration

FileMaker JavaScript Web Viewer Integration The new FileMaker JavaScript Web Viewer Integration creates seamless communication between FileMaker and web viewers. This integration will allow for more efficient development of web viewers which will extend the functionality of FileMaker systems with features not native to FileMaker. The integration comes with a new script step called “Perform JavaScript In Web Viewer,” and JavaScript function, FileMaker.PerformScript(), both of which we will explo

FileMaker Machine Learning Using CoreML

FileMaker Machine Learning Using CoreML Machine learning and artificial intelligence are rushing in the next era of computing by enabling machines to make decisions, rather than humans telling machines which decisions to make. Whether you need to classify objects in an image, parse speech into text, or get recommendations on what products to market next quarter, machine learning can be adopted to assist. Leveraging FileMaker’s machine learning capabilities on MacOS makes integrating artificial

Siri Shortcuts in FileMaker Go

Siri Shortcuts in FileMaker Go As more and more businesses bring apps into their daily workflows, it is important to have fast and easy options for completing tasks while mobile. With FileMaker Go 19, you can execute your favorite FileMaker Go features with a voice command or single tap using Siri Shortcuts! Released with iOS12, Shortcuts introduced the ability to build intuitive and customizable Siri workflows using your favorite apps- with intuitive being the key word: nearly a third of smart

NFC Tag Reading in FileMaker Go

NFC Tag Reading in FileMaker Go Near Field Communication is a technology developed in the early 2000s that allows for contactless communication between devices using radio waves to transfer data.  NFC can share information between two active devices, such as two smartphones sharing contact details, or between an active device and a passive device, such as a smartphone reading a NFC tag embedded in a poster. NFC tags are tiny, inexpensive chips that contain a small amount of memory, a radio ch

Creating FileMaker Add-Ons

Creating FileMaker Add-Ons With the release of FileMaker 19, Claris International, Inc. has introduced the ability to create add-ons, allowing developers to package a set of features that can be distributed to other FileMaker solutions. While installing custom add-ons currently must be started outside of FileMaker, add-ons can currently be created in FileMaker Pro using the preview script step Save a Copy as Add-on Package. As with all preview software, this feature is subject to change. Let’s

FileMaker Solution Upgrade Tool

FileMaker Solution Upgrade Tool Upgrading your custom FileMaker application used to require migrating data or manually following a complex set of instructions which would take quite a bit of time to complete. Now FileMaker has released a command line tool that will upgrade your custom application in a matter of minutes. At the moment, the FileMaker Solution Upgrade Tool is considered to be a preview software and is subject to change. In the video below I will walk you through the process of up

Working remotely? How would your organization benefit from having a CRM?

We’re currently facing some really tough times in business, with many suffering huge financial losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we’re also seeing some immensely innovative adaptations to existing businesses, not only helping them survive, but thrive. One of the key components of survival in business is the ability to adapt and use [...] The post Working remotely? How would your organization benefit from having a CRM? appeared first on The Scarpetta Group, Inc.. Afficher la totali

5 Productivity Hacks for Working from Home

A huge number of us are now experiencing working from home for the first time, and not everyone is finding it a piece of cake. Even for remote working seasoned pros like us at The Scarpetta Group, it’s tough at times, especially in the current climate of uncertainty. Of course, when it comes to [...] The post 5 Productivity Hacks for Working from Home appeared first on The Scarpetta Group, Inc.. Afficher la totalité du billet


Today we’re going to do some experiments with the FilterValues function, which takes two return delimited lists for input… FilterValues ( textToFilter ; filterValues ) …and produces the intersection of the two lists as output. With the above in mind, when the function was first introduced back in 2004, I assumed that these two statements… Continue reading FilterValues Afficher la totalité du billet

Common Code Smells in OOP

Over years of reviewing Ruby code, the same things tend to come up over and over. In this post, I’d like to address some of the most common code smells I find when reviewing OOP code (and Ruby code in particular). Afficher la totalité du billet




Setting Up Your Security

Security. While it isn't as sexy as a nice UI widget or as crafty as a really cool scripted workflow, setting up your security is something you must consider before any database deployment. When it comes to security, you can't miss a beat. If you do, then that one attack vector might be the one that bites you. And, unless your FileMaker solution is never going to connect with the network at large, knowing who can do what within your system is an essential requirement of security. Getting to kno

Cropping Images with JavaScript - Part 2

It's always nice to have someone simply show you what you need to know in order to solve a problem. There is, however, a problem with just being shown only what you need to know. You deprive yourself of the deeper level of retention that comes from self-discovery of the topic being explored. So, consider this video a comprehensive introduction. One where I guide you through the process of learning the tools of JavaScript within FileMaker Pro. The advantage is the fact that you have your own Fil

Create nice looking progress elements in FileMaker easily with the FMProgressIndicator

Are you too always struggling with creating nice looking progress elements in FileMaker to show the user the status of the current task? Well, look no further! FMProgressIndicator will provide you with the right tools you need to implement such a progress element in FileMaker that is supported on all platforms! All it requires is some basic knowledge on FileMaker. If you have some basic knowledge on Bootstrap this will help you in making full use of the formatting options. Progress indicators?

Ordering Elements within JSON Objects

Introduction If you’ve generated JSON objects via FileMaker, you’re likely aware of the disparity between the order in which you specify the elements, and the order in which they subsequently appear (i.e., alphabetized by key name). As I wrote two years ago (in Thinking About JSON, Part 2)… Both JSONSetElement and JSONFormatElements will automatically alphabetize… Continue reading Ordering Elements within JSON Objects Afficher la totalité du billet

Surveys for Success: The Glioblastoma Foundation

Surveys for Success: The Glioblastoma Foundation DB Services has been proudly giving back to the community for years. Now we are partnering each quarter with a charity to donate for each survey we receive! Our new Surveys for Success program is our way of saying thank you to our clients for filling out our surveys and to also let you know how we are paying it forward. We are donating $10 for every survey that our clients fill out. Our goal for Q2 is to get at least 100 surveys back so that

DB Services

DB Services


Cropping Images with JavaScript

Learning from a technology you don't already understand, while receiving an immediate benefit, is one of my driving reasons for creating content. In this two part series, I dig into the depths of understanding the JavaScript mechanisms natively available to FileMaker developers and learners. This first video focuses on the implementation of an internal cropping tool which uses a web viewer to provide the interaction and actual cropping. The demo file and video show you how to implement the JS l

COVID-19-Triage disponible pour tous les hôpitaux

Devant le succès de l’application personnalisée dont nous vous parlions la semaine dernière, réalisée dans l’urgence pour l’hôpital Sint-Elisabeth de Zottegem (Belgique), nous avons décidé d’améliorer l’application et de la rendre disponible pour tous les hôpitaux. Elle s’appelle COVID-19-Triage, et permet de gérer un arbre de décision sur iOS. L’arbre de décision lui-même peut être […] Cet article COVID-19-Triage disponible pour tous les hôpitaux est apparu en premier sur 1-more-thing. >&




Claris Connect Utilities

Claris Connect Utilities Claris Connect is a great tool to help organizations automate workflows, integrate their digital services, and reduce user errors. Ultimately, this saves a lot of time! A 2017 Global study estimated that workers lost 69 days per year to administrative tasks. Organizations of all kinds are prioritizing automation to stay competitive, improve productivity, and increase employee satisfaction. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our overview of Claris Connect. In

DB Services

DB Services


Navigational Breadcrumbs

What do the following have in common? Products with component parts, generations of people, complex study topics with prerequisites and a chain of historically related events. Yep, you guessed it, it's a hierarchy of things. Something which comes before another thing and are somehow tied together. Within any database system, this is easily accomplished with two simple fields. Yet, facilitating the navigation of the content can be accomplished in a number of ways. One of the more common methods

Covid-19 – arbre de décision pour un service hospitalier

Comme vous le savez peut-être, 1-more-thing est particulièrement impliquée dans le combat contre le Covid-19. Nous avons notamment monté le projet 1app2recover dans le but d’aider les gouvernements à organiser une sortie du confinement quand ce sera possible. Mais il y a parfois des efforts plus directs et plus modestes par leur ampleur qui permettent […] Cet article Covid-19 – arbre de décision pour un service hospitalier est apparu en premier sur 1-more-thing. >>> Lire la suite… &l



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