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Multi-Criteria Portal Filtering

When first using FileMaker's Filter Portal Records feature it's easy to get excited about how you can limit the set of records to exactly what the user needs to see. You start adding a single filter and the result feels like magic. A simple search filter using a global field will let you extra exactly the records you want. It's great! However, when start adding more and more filters things start to get complicated really fast. You have to become super comfortable with creating complex calculati

FileMaker Magazine

FileMaker Magazine

Drop the Spreadsheets: Find Freedom and Increased Revenue

Are you looking for a way to manage your business that will free you from staring at spreadsheets all day? A solution that will help you better see what is happening with your business and help you figure out where you need to spend your time each day? Then l have a solution for you: [...] The post Drop the Spreadsheets: Find Freedom and Increased Revenue appeared first on The Scarpetta Group, Inc.. Afficher la totalité du billet

The Scarpetta Group

The Scarpetta Group

OOP Fundamentals: Quick and Dirty Guide to Testing

This won't be a detailed post on every possible topic on object-oriented programming and testing, there are many books about that already. Instead, this will cover basics of testing, so you understand how and why we test, and you can adapt it to your own needs.Afficher la totalité du billet



Atelier Astucieux FileMaker : une application de VirtualList par ParJupiter

Ce vendredi 26 novembre à 14h30, j'aurai le plaisir d'animer un atelier en ligne sur la technique dite Virtual List. Notre consœur @MagalieJ, de Editomac, propose à ses abonnés un atelier pratique par mois, ateliers dont je suis un spectateur fidèle. Pour la première fois ce vendredi, c'est moi qui animerai l'activité, pour vous faire découvrir une technique FileMaker assez pointue mais finalement accessible, qui permet de résoudre de nombreuses situations. "Quand je ne sais pas c

A fast, flexible Tableau Connector for FileMaker

Building a custom Tableau® Connector for Claris® FileMaker® enables faster, more reliable and more flexible connections between Tableau and FileMaker datasources, compared with the legacy Web Data Connector. For a number of Beezwax client projects, we’ve installed and deployed a Tableau Connector (aka “TACO”) for FileMaker. The TACO was built using the Tableau Connector SDK […]Afficher la totalité du billet



The Value and Benefits of Transactions with Claris FileMaker

Let’s talk about Claris FileMaker and transactions! Join Vincenzo Menanno to discuss what transactions are, how they relate to FileMaker data operations (creating, updating, and deleting records), database normalization, and how to use transactional concepts to improve FileMaker performance, especially over a wide area network (WAN). This is a live, virtual event as part of […]Afficher la totalité du billet



Universal Record Marking

Who doesn't need to mark subsets of records? I've rarely, if ever, worked on a solution which couldn't take advantage of simple record marking. Whether it's for creating a user based subset or simply toggling an active or favorite value. Marking records is something which should just be standard. So, why not make it both standard and universal. Meaning, you use one single script regardless of whether you're dealing with a current found set of records or a filtered portal - and independent of a

Using Custom Menus

For many FileMaker solutions it's fine to use the default standard FileMaker menus. There are only a few dangerous menu options which can cause serious problems. In fact, learning how FileMaker actually works, via its default menus, is a big benefit in a lot of situations. In some, however, it makes a lot of sense to simply take advantage of being able to implement and use our own menu systems. In this video we walk through how to get started with Custom Menus and how to take advantage of the f

JSONQuery, part 1

Interview with Steve Senft-Herrera [Editor’s note: the demo file has evolved a bit since this interview took place, and, as a consequence, screen shots shown here may deviate slightly from what you will find in the demo.] Demo file: CF_JSONQuery_20211029_1200_PUBLIC.fmp12.zip KF: Good afternoon, Steve. You’ve been developing JSONQuery over the last few years, and today… Continue reading JSONQuery, part 1Afficher la totalité du billet

FileMaker Hacks

FileMaker Hacks

Best Startup EU nomme 1-more-thing parmi les meilleures startups d’intégration de données en Belgique.

Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer que nous avons été présentés dans le magazine Best Startup EU comme l’une des meilleures entreprises d’intégration de données en Belgique. Grâce à notre expertise dans la conception d’applications Low-Code et l’intégration/orchestration, 1-more-thing a été sélectionnée en raison de ses performances exceptionnelles dans la catégorie Innovation, parmi les catégories suivantes : […] Cet article Best Startup EU nomme 1-more-thing parmi les meilleures startups d’intégrat



FileMaker Error Codes - How to use them

For anything that could possibly go wrong within FileMaker we have a list of Error Codes. They're easily referenced from within FileMaker's help documentation. While they won't give you the exact solution to any particular error that's happening, they do provide the starting point for where to look and troubleshoot. In this video, we take a look at how to simply use and reference the provided FileMaker error codes. We also look at how you can intentionally cause an error in order to take contro

Choosing the Proper Data Storage

One of the more troublesome questions we ask ourselves as developers is "Am I doing this the right way?". And, while it applies to most all situations, it most certainly applies to data structure. If you don't structure your data well enough, then you either have to restructure it later, and migrate, or try to solve some of your problems in very odd ways. Fortunately, the variety of ways you can actually store data presents a lot of options depending on what type of software you need to create

Best Default Fields

When you consider every little action you take while creating any type of software, if you add all those actions up, you can end up with a lot of extra repeated steps. In consideration of all the fields you may be creating for various utility purposes, along with your normal data fields, it's always a nice idea to take advantage of features which may save you those little bits of time. In this video, and the provided sample file, you'll benefit from using FileMaker's somewhat hidden feature of

Hide Object When Calculations

Sometimes it's nice to revisit the basics and make sure you've covered all your bases when it comes to what you can do with certain features. In this video, I take a good look at using the Hide Object When calculation and cover the various options I'm familiar with. This includes uses for the most basic True/False to an increasingly complex calculation which starts adding more and more operators. I also go over the use of containment objects and how they can simplify the use of the Hide Object

Virtual List Reporting, part 4

Introduction Back in 2017 I wrote about a technique to enable users to a) produce multiple on-screen reports, and b) interact with those reports in browse mode. The article was called Virtual List Reporting, part 3, and while the approach it advocated works well enough under most circumstances, today I’d like to share some fresh… Continue reading Virtual List Reporting, part 4Afficher la totalité du billet

Access Controlled Button Bars

If it's not absolutely necessary, preventing a user from accessing parts of your software is a bit better than letting them know what's possible or what's hidden from them. It also allows a given group of users to focus better without presenting options which may not apply to the functions they perform. In this video and technique file, we take a look at two tricks combined into one. We're making single segments of a button bar hide and show, without resizing, and we're doing this based on a us

FileMaker Magazine

FileMaker Magazine

Copying Filtered Portal Data

In FileMaker, once you've filtered a portal, which displays a subset of related data, there may be situations where you need to get that data out. A prime example is needing to further manipulate the data within a spreadsheet. A recent solution I was developing had this exact need. I needed to filter some financial data based on a wide date range. Yet, I still needed smaller subsets, think categories, of financial data and wanted to pull that data into a spreadsheet for a separate purpose. In

FileMaker Magazine

FileMaker Magazine

Saved Search Queries

While there are some features which FileMaker provides natively, I often wonder how heavily they are used. One feature in particular is the Saved Finds feature, which is only available in Find Mode. It's a great feature in terms of convenience, however, its implementation is right on top of the funky developer'ish UI. It's buried many levels deep within multiple dialogs (if you want to modify any of the saved searches) and it's just not as pretty as developing your own within a dedicated layout

Filtered Portal Record Counts

In FileMaker, some features seem like they should be an easy solve. Yet, the dynamic nature of creating something in FileMaker means its development simply can't account for all the possible things a developer might want to do. When it comes to showing the actual count of records being shown within a filtered portal one might think the solution would already be there. However, it's not. You have to apply some creating thinking along with a bit of inside know-how in order to correctly show the

Database Discovery & Intelligence

In the world of software development, there are few tools you simply can't live without. A debugger is the first which comes to mind; because no one gets their code exactly perfect the first time. Plus, it's always a matter of figuring things out until they work as expected or desired. There are also those "other" tools which you can't really live without. ESPECIALLY, if you're working with a solution file which was created by someone other than yourself! When you need to discover what the heck

Set Variable By Name Re-Revisited

Demo files: set-var-by-name-v4 and set-var-by-name-md5 Background This is a quick follow up to last December’s Set Variable By Name Revisited, and to avoid repetition will assume the reader is familiar with the material that was presented in that article. But to briefly recap: 1. FileMaker does not provide an obvious way to programatically name a… Continue reading Set Variable By Name Re-RevisitedAfficher la totalité du billet

Better Drop-down Lists

Oh the pain of a slow rendering layout! The other day I came across a painfully slow layout which was literally CRAWLING. It reminded me of one of my own situations where I needed to create a solution for some type of creative data input. This, of course, was based on FileMaker's input limitations between two types of fields. The choice of using a Drop-down list over a Pop-up menu field style was based on the type of input being managed. I didn't want the forced interaction of having to click,

Diamant de Lucie n°2 : FullCalendar dans FileMaker

Le temps passe vite, vite… Et je profite enfin de quelques instants libres pour partager cette présentation géniale de @Lucie Guilbert : comment avoir (enfin) une vraie interaction entre un calendrier "responsive" et les enregistrements de FileMaker. Au plaisir de lire vos remarques, vos impressions. N'hésitez pas à suivre nos publications sur YouTube ou LinkedIn ! A bientôt et bonne semaine estivale à tout le monde ! ☀️ https://youtu.be/P70x2Do5Zjs  
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