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Dark and Light Modes: 3 Simple Paths to FileMaker UX

FileMaker 19 introduced support for Dark Mode. Not only does the application’s chrome support Dark Mode (like many applications), but developers now have the ability to detect the OS Dark Mode setting. Let’s look at three easy techniques to give FileMaker Pro users a choice between Dark Mode and Light Mode, plus an option to […] Afficher la totalité du billet




Don't use Default theme styles

One of the great things about FileMaker Pro is it starts you off with a completely blank slate. One of the bad things about FileMaker Pro is it starts you off with a completely blank slate. Yep, that's right, there are things in FileMaker's UI which non-intentionally urge you to do things which may not be as helpful in the future. Of course, some of this comes down to learning as much as you can about how things work. Which, is likely why you'll be watching this video. In this episode, we take

FileMaker BackBlaze Integration

FileMaker BackBlaze Integration BackBlaze is a large scale cloud storage platform that currently boasts an impressive 1 billion gigabytes of file data hosted on the cloud and counting. With its competitive pricing, BackBlaze makes a strong case for a place where you can store and retrieve large amounts of data at an affordable rate. Integrating your FileMaker application with BackBlaze’s B2 Cloud Storage API can assist moving external files to the cloud, minimizing file size growth and keeping

Top tips on building and maintaining customer relationships

Customer relationships should be your number one priority, the customer, after all, is the one keeping your business alive. Having a solid CRM in place in order to manage your customer relationships is vital and Jarvis CRM boasts the ability to store and manage your customer information as well as automate and streamline processes. [...] The post Top tips on building and maintaining customer relationships appeared first on The Scarpetta Group, Inc.. Afficher la totalité du billet

Why even small teams should be using a CRM

Having the right customer relationship management (CRM) system will help your team and your business no end by streamlining processes and identifying leads as well as managing and storing your customer and lead information. All too often, smaller businesses feel they needn’t utilize a CRM as the team is able to manage without one. [...] The post Why even small teams should be using a CRM appeared first on The Scarpetta Group, Inc.. Afficher la totalité du billet

Everything About Add-Ons

These days, the future of FileMaker's flexibility is being created right in front of our eyes. While it's a relatively quiet feature right now, FileMaker Add-ons may blossom into a very beneficial way of enhancing a FileMaker file. True, there are a few rough edges in this preview version of Add-ons, but it's definitely going to be a killer feature if it takes off. Because Claris has been expanding the definition of a FileMaker file within the world of XML, the ability to modify and/or enhance

Setting FileMaker’s startup file from CLI

We had a client that was upgrading their system to FileMaker 18. They had already pushed new FileMaker Pro clients out to their user’s desktops. But now that the upgraded system was ready, how could they give users a quick and easy way to launch right into the new database system? Since FileMaker 18, there […] Afficher la totalité du billet




Dynamic Forms with FileMaker Web Viewers

Using the FileMaker platform we can harness the power and wow-factor of modern web interfaces. This post shows how we can build dynamic data-entry forms for use in our apps. Dynamic Forms When we say a form is “dynamic”, we mean that the form’s appearance can be altered at multiple points before and during the […] Afficher la totalité du billet




Connect FileMaker Server to Oracle Server Using ODBC and TCPS

A longtime enterprise client recently asked us to integrate a FileMaker Server with an Oracle server. No problem, right? This task requires some development to optimize the database schema and to script the data sync. But, out of the box, FileMaker’s ESS feature supports Oracle via SQL and ODBC/JDBC. However, this Oracle server required something […] Afficher la totalité du billet




Learning to Master Looping

Without a fundamental understanding of some programming topics, it's often difficult to solve certain problems in the easiest possible fashion. In fact, one of the things I've enjoyed learning about programming is that more code isn't always better. Searching for the simple answer sometimes takes a bit more time. And, learning to solve the problem with less code is more enjoyable. In this video, I walk through a simple process of massaging some data into a desired format. While the objective of

FilterValues, part 2

Sometimes it happens that the real value of a blog posting emerges in the comments section. Such was the case last time, when Paul Jansen posted an elegant little workaround to remedy a performance issue with the FilterValues function. Paul’s workaround is deserving of its own demo, and that’s what we’re going to look at… Continue reading FilterValues, part 2 Afficher la totalité du billet

Claris Connect QuickBooks Online Integration

Claris Connect QuickBooks Online Integration Intuit’s QuickBooks Online is a powerful tool with over 4 million subscribers that allows for easy management of invoices, payments, and other accounting tasks. Many companies find themselves with both QuickBooks and FileMaker and end up having to do double data entry from one system to the next. Claris Connect is a “no-code” platform from Claris International, Inc. that allows organizations to rapidly connect multiple cloud services together, includ

How to enable WebKit and JavaScript debugging in FileMaker Web Viewers

FileMaker supports bidirectional communication between a web viewer and data or scripts. So, you may find yourself doing more development using plenty of web code and JavaScript integrations. If you’re having difficulty getting your HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to render in a FileMaker web viewer, there’s a great way to help inspect and fix it. You […] Afficher la totalité du billet




Elections - Analyse de données

Par Jupiter, bonjour !   🤠 Bienvenue à la confrérie dans ces quelques pages qui illustreront comment Filemaker peut nous aider, et aider nos clients, dans leurs activités professionnelles. Les 2 vidéos portant sur les résultats des élections et sur l'analyse de données datent de l'automne 2019. Le fichier est également disponible en téléchargement. Bien sûr, c'est une invitation à repiquer sans retenue tout ce que vous y trouverez.     Autre défi, et non des moindres

FileMaker now supports Machine Learning

Breaking down FileMaker’s new (and really easy) way to implement machine learning. With the release of FileMaker 19, an extremely easy way to implement very complex machine learning has been made available to MacOS and iOS FileMaker custom apps. Machine Learning offers the ability to automate “identification and analysis” processes by using trained machine learning “models”. With FileMaker, it’s now easy to script an entire decision tree with both machine learning and human interaction; L

FileMaker 19 Add-ons And You

Overview of the new Add-ons feature in FileMaker 19 With FileMaker 19 comes several new tools that bolster the toolkit we have access to as developers. Among them is the Add-ons feature which allows you to simply select pre-developed features to quickly add and remove from an existing app. This affords us an order of magnitude leap in our ability to iterate when working on our apps. If we consider what the process looked like before we can recognize the substantial benefits in terms of the

FileMaker Pro 19 - New Features & Functionality

On Wednesday May 20th, 2020 Claris International Inc. released a new version of FileMaker Pro. Version 19 includes just a handful of changes, but they are far reaching and will extend FileMaker's usefulness in many ways. Of the changes, the biggest is an extensible architecture which allow for portable components called Add-ons to be distributed. The same underlying technology, which uses XML, is also being used to provide support for updating a database file using a command line tool. FileMak

Claris FileMaker 19 Overview

Claris FileMaker 19 Overview A new and exciting version of FileMaker is here! 2020 marks over 35 years for the Claris FileMaker platform. A lot of innovation has occurred at Claris since the last FileMaker release. FileMaker Cloud, FileMaker Marketplace, and Claris Connect have launched, and Claris Nextgen is in the roadmap. In this article we will focus on the Claris FileMaker flagship product, specifically FileMaker Pro 19, FileMaker Server 19, FileMaker Go 19, and FileMaker Cloud. We disc

FileMaker Javascript Web Viewer Integration

FileMaker JavaScript Web Viewer Integration The new FileMaker JavaScript Web Viewer Integration creates seamless communication between FileMaker and web viewers. This integration will allow for more efficient development of web viewers which will extend the functionality of FileMaker systems with features not native to FileMaker. The integration comes with a new script step called “Perform JavaScript In Web Viewer,” and JavaScript function, FileMaker.PerformScript(), both of which we will explo

FileMaker Machine Learning Using CoreML

FileMaker Machine Learning Using CoreML Machine learning and artificial intelligence are rushing in the next era of computing by enabling machines to make decisions, rather than humans telling machines which decisions to make. Whether you need to classify objects in an image, parse speech into text, or get recommendations on what products to market next quarter, machine learning can be adopted to assist. Leveraging FileMaker’s machine learning capabilities on MacOS makes integrating artificial
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