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Saved Search Queries

While there are some features which FileMaker provides natively, I often wonder how heavily they are used. One feature in particular is the Saved Finds feature, which is only available in Find Mode. It's a great feature in terms of convenience, however, its implementation is right on top of the funky developer'ish UI. It's buried many levels deep within multiple dialogs (if you want to modify any of the saved searches) and it's just not as pretty as developing your own within a dedicated layout

Filtered Portal Record Counts

In FileMaker, some features seem like they should be an easy solve. Yet, the dynamic nature of creating something in FileMaker means its development simply can't account for all the possible things a developer might want to do. When it comes to showing the actual count of records being shown within a filtered portal one might think the solution would already be there. However, it's not. You have to apply some creating thinking along with a bit of inside know-how in order to correctly show the

Database Discovery & Intelligence

In the world of software development, there are few tools you simply can't live without. A debugger is the first which comes to mind; because no one gets their code exactly perfect the first time. Plus, it's always a matter of figuring things out until they work as expected or desired. There are also those "other" tools which you can't really live without. ESPECIALLY, if you're working with a solution file which was created by someone other than yourself! When you need to discover what the heck

Set Variable By Name Re-Revisited

Demo files: set-var-by-name-v4 and set-var-by-name-md5 Background This is a quick follow up to last December’s Set Variable By Name Revisited, and to avoid repetition will assume the reader is familiar with the material that was presented in that article. But to briefly recap: 1. FileMaker does not provide an obvious way to programatically name a… Continue reading Set Variable By Name Re-RevisitedAfficher la totalité du billet

Better Drop-down Lists

Oh the pain of a slow rendering layout! The other day I came across a painfully slow layout which was literally CRAWLING. It reminded me of one of my own situations where I needed to create a solution for some type of creative data input. This, of course, was based on FileMaker's input limitations between two types of fields. The choice of using a Drop-down list over a Pop-up menu field style was based on the type of input being managed. I didn't want the forced interaction of having to click,

Diamant de Lucie n°2 : FullCalendar dans FileMaker

Le temps passe vite, vite… Et je profite enfin de quelques instants libres pour partager cette présentation géniale de @Lucie Guilbert : comment avoir (enfin) une vraie interaction entre un calendrier "responsive" et les enregistrements de FileMaker. Au plaisir de lire vos remarques, vos impressions. N'hésitez pas à suivre nos publications sur YouTube ou LinkedIn ! A bientôt et bonne semaine estivale à tout le monde ! ☀️ https://youtu.be/P70x2Do5Zjs  

Storing Secured Information

Every once in a while you need to store something with an extra bit of security. Maybe it's a password or some super secret text with a winning stock market strategy. Whatever it is, you don't just want to rely on the authentication, privilege set and possible EAR (encryption at rest) on the file. You want to store the data itself with even that much more security. By encrypting it with CryptEncryptBase64() of course! The trick is this. How do you capture that data, before it's written to the d

bBox for FileMaker v0.98 with M1, GraphicsMagick & Sips

We are pleased to release bBox version 0.98, with with new image file functions and M1/Apple Silicon support. bBox is a free utility plug-in to extend FileMaker solutions to easily use code libraries and macOS-based functions from Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, AppleScript, C/C++, Bash/sh, XPath, and SQLite. Also included is a demo file that has […]Afficher la totalité du billet



DataTables Deep Dive - Replacing Portals - Part 2

This is Part 2 of a series about using the DataTables JavaScript library in order to simply pull data you wish to display and doing so within a Web Viewer. While standard FileMaker Portals present one of the easiest methods for showing related data, it's now a viable option to simply use a Web Viewer to present data to the user. With the bi-directional support of JavaScript within FileMaker 19 and higher we can take advantage of what JavaScript does best - being fast! In this video we focus sp

DataTables Deep Dive - Replacing Portals - Part 1

Portals and list views represent one of the biggest reasons for using a database for managing data. You can view the data in a myriad of ways and FileMaker provides the tools to modify the views quite easily. FileMaker's list view happens to be the most powerful when compared to portals. We don't really have the same feature set presented within a portal. Using a portal it's an all or nothing approach to sorting by default and you can't really search the portal contents. You can certainly hack

PSOS – Run Script in File not open Locally

Update: See Jason Wood’s suggestion in the comments section for making this technique more secure. INTRODUCTION Today I want to take a look at a certain Perform Script On Server (PSOS) behavior, and for those who find this behavior to be inconvenient, propose a work around. Here’s the behavior, or misconception, actually: a server side… Continue reading PSOS – Run Script in File not open LocallyAfficher la totalité du billet

FMPlanner : Un add-on de planification basé sur FullCalendar V5

Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer la sortie de FMPlanner, notre add-on de gestion de ressources et d'évènements. Cet add-on utilise les dernières fonctionnalités de FileMaker Pro 19 ainsi que la célèbre bibliothèque Javascript FullCalendar 5. Pleinement fonctionnelle sur macOS et Windows, FMPlanner vous permet d'intégrer un calendrier de planification à vos solutions en quelques clics...   Nul besoin d'en dire plus, venez l'essayer, nous mettons à votre disposition une version d

Formatting Date, Time & Timestamp Values

What's the easiest way to format a FileMaker date, time or timestamp value? Using a custom function? Maybe... In this video, I'll show you a unique trick for getting a formatted date, time or timestamp value without using a Custom Function or any of FileMaker's Date or Time functions. Of course, I'll also provide you with one of the better custom functions for formatting date/time/timestamp values. The custom function in this technique file handles pretty much all possible variations of date/t

UI Portal Enhancements

Anyone can just throw everything they need within a portal. Adding a new field? Just throw it in the portal. But WAIT! The question is "Should you?". The fine art of determining what should end up in your portal is based on how the data and/or actions are being referenced/used. Is the frequency for editing the data high or low? If it's low, then maybe the user doesn't need field access. What is the frequency of record deletion? Low? Then, do you really need that obvious red trash can icon on ev

FileMaker 19 + JSONata

Introduction Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Jeremy Brown on The Context Podcast about an open-source project called JSONata that enables you to query and transform JSON. The JSONata site is packed with useful information, including this short video… …as well as… Extensive documentation A link to the Stack Overflow forum, where you… Continue reading FileMaker 19 + JSONataAfficher la totalité du billet

Sortie de FileMaker 19.3

Claris l’avait annoncé : finies les traditionnelles grandes sorties du moi de mai. Le cycle « Agile » consiste en des mises à jour plus fréquentes, avec une répartition des nouveautés tout au long de l’année. Cette semaine, c’est la version 19.3 qui a été annoncée, et c’est une version importante même si surtout « technique ». Petit résumé […] Cet article Sortie de FileMaker 19.3 est apparu en premier sur 1-more-thing. >>> Lire la suite… <<<



Mutually Exclusive Values

Value lists are one of the fundamental building blocks of any good UI built on top of a database system. Providing users with a preselected list of options to choose from helps the data entry process go faster and - is - just easier. When using value lists, there are times when you need to limit the number of selections of any given value to being used just once. You may also need to enforce that one of each of all possible values is used. In this video, we tackle both situations by enforcing

Big 3 Local Development Options

Being able to develop locally, as if the data and the server was right there on your local machine provides a nice advantage. You know how the solution will work when hosted, you can develop and test PSOS scripts effectively, and you're generally protected from client crashes. Plus, you're fully mobile if need be - it's all on one machine. This is where hosting your FileMaker solutions locally becomes a big advantage. This video showcases what I consider to be the Big 3 of local hosting. 1) You

Extracting System Paths - Media Archiving

In the process of creating a simple media archiving database I found I had used the same skill twice because of how FileMaker returns data from certain functions. Hence, I decided to provide you with my simple little start to a Media Archiving solution. Simply, it asks for a folder, then pulls the paths to all files from the selected, and enclosed, folders into the database. It's really a pretty simple thing because it's managed with one simple function from the BaseElements plug-in. However,

Universal List View Sorting

What makes FileMaker development so fun is the variety of different functions and script steps. They provide an almost infinite number of combinations to solve a wide variety of technical problems. There isn't always just "one way to do it". So, what happens when you stop to think about a more recent feature in light of how you've "always done it before"? Like... sorting... for example. Have you always simply attached the Sort script step to your list view headers and called it a day? What if y
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